challenge 25

25 Day Challenge Resources

Thank you for participating in the SPARK 25-Day Physical Activity Challenge!

On this page you’ll find the pledge form and tracking log for your students, as well as physical activity resources to help your students achieve 60 minutes of activity per day.

SPARK will not collect the student pledge forms or tracking logs. It is the responsibility of the teacher to collect the student forms. At the end of the Challenge, complete the final report form on the SPARK website to report the number of students who participated and completed the Challenge. The final report form must be completed by November 6, 2014.

The Challenge starts September 29, 2014 and ends October 31, 2014. We encourage you to get your students to complete the pledge form before the Challenge starts!

Student Tracking Log
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Physical Activity Resources:
Challenge Student Participation Certificate
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Challenge Student Completion Certificate
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