Classroom Activity & Recess


SPARKabc’s Workshops:

The focus of SPARKabc’s staff development is to train classroom teachers on developmentally-appropriate activities and instructional strategies that get students physically active safely and effectively.

Each workshop is targeted for the needs of each individual school community (based on needs assessments) and is designed to provide each attendee with a working knowledge of SPARK’s unique content and instructional strategies.

Classroom-based physical activity and recess management are both components of each workshop. However, schools can customize the focus of each session to meet their overall priorities.

SPARK has an extensive follow up/support system which includes “SPARK Star” training and lifetime support and consultation for each attendee.

What are the goals, objectives, methodology, and outcomes of SPARK workshops?

  • Goal: To provide activities and strategies to help classroom teachers facilitate safe and effective physical activity in the classroom and during recess.
  • Inservice Methodology: The three primary factors that contribute to a successful staff development program will be utilized. They are:
  1. Foster teacher/recess leader awareness regarding the goals of SPARK and how they may differ from current programs
  2. Provide ongoing, content-specific training
  3. Solicit and encourage group interaction, feedback, and support
  • Inservice Outcomes: Participants will learn:
  1. Organizational, management, and instructional techniques necessary to lead physical activity
  2. How to motivate children/adolescents to become active outside of school
  3. Techniques that encourage students to commit to a lifetime of health and physical activity
  4. A pathway towards instructional alignment and standards-based teaching
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