3 Tips for Healthy Meals: School Breakfast


Do your kids eat breakfast before school? Maybe sometimes they grab something on the way out the door. Or maybe they eat breakfast at school. With bus schedules and work commutes and everything in between, sometimes “healthy” gets overlooked and “convenient” wins the race. The fact is, kids’ brains and bodies need breakfast to “break” the overnight “fast.”

Whether breakfast comes from home, or at school, kids need to be well-nourished so they can perform well everywhere they live, learn, and play. So here are 3 tips for healthy school-year breakfasts – at school and at home.

1) GO Power! Eating breakfast helps wake you up and gives energy to keep you going!

Drink a small glass of orange juice at home. Take along whole grain cereal squares in a baggie and a low fat yogurt container with a spoon to eat as you go.

2) BRAIN Power! Eating breakfast wakes up your brain to make school easier!

Try a whole grain bagel half spread with peanut butter and a banana.

3) HEALTH Power! Breakfast eaters have better intake of nutrients – to stay well and feel great!

Try low fat string cheese, whole grain crackers and an apple.

For more ideas like these, see Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas

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