9 of Our Best Posts About Food and Nutrition


Children eating healthy food in cafeteria

The world of physical education is about much more than just exercise — physical education programs also teach students how to eat well and take care of their bodies by making nutritious choices.

Healthy eating boosts physical and mental health, so an emphasis on good food is an important habit for any family. Kids who eat nutritious diets perform better on exams and show improved attendance over kids whose diets are lacking in nutrition.

We’ve posted a lot of blog entries about healthy eating and nutritional foods — because we know how important it is for our children to learn healthy eating habits as they grow!

Here, we revisit some of our best blog posts that highlight food and nutrition, from snacks to meals and healthy eating on special occasions.

Snacks for Kids


Healthy Snacks to Beat the Heat

When the summer sun is blazing, serve your kids treats that help them remain hydrated and get essential nutrients. From frozen juice pops to refreshing guacamole, these healthy snack ideas will satisfy your kids while providing vitamins and protein. Read on for summer snacking inspiration.

Summer Treats to Beat the Heat: 6 Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Love

Healthy Pinwheels for Healthy Kids

This scrumptious tortilla and veggie pinwheel recipe was posted as a holiday snack idea for little ones, but it can be served year-round. Have your kids help you make pinwheels for the next holiday occasion, serve them at your child’s next birthday party, or prep them for sleepover snacks instead of ordering pizza.

Holiday Pinwheels Recipe from Healthy Kids Challenge

Adding More Veggies to the Snack Routine

One of the biggest challenges as a parent is actually convincing your kids to eat more healthy food,  especially when it comes to veggies! Consider asking them to pitch in when creating meals — when you get your kids involved in the grocery shopping and cooking process, they often get more excited about trying new things. Read our post for more ideas to help boost your kids’ love for this nutritious food group.

The 5 Best Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables

Holiday Eating


6 Healthy Recipes for the Holidays

The holidays can be a nutrition landmine, with platters of sweets and indulgent plates available around every corner. Seasonal festivities make it hard for kids and parents alike to stick to healthy food choices. The next time you invite friends and family to gather around your table, wow them with these six dishes that are just as delicious as they are calorie conscious.

Stay Fit and Festive with 6 Healthy Holiday Recipes

Learning What to Take Off the Holiday Menu

While you’re adding nutritious foods to your holiday menu, consider removing some of the worst offenders. Dishes like stuffing, pecan pie, and green bean casserole are tasty favorites — but they’re also high in calories and tend to be eaten in large quantities. Think about taking one of these five dishes off the table, or making low-fat ingredient substitutions in your recipes.

5 Dishes to Consider Removing From Your Holiday Dinner Plans

Stop the Halloween Binge in Its Tracks

It’s not just the holidays with big family gatherings that can get us in trouble — Halloween is one of the most difficult holidays for healthy eaters! Halloween candy can feel downright addictive. Kids and adults alike find themselves drawn to the plastic pumpkins filled with sugary treats. Read our post with tips to help you stave off a late-night Snickers binge, or a post-Halloween sugar coma.

4 Ways to Avoid Halloween Candy Overload

Meal Tips for the Family


Starting the Day with a Healthy Meal

Begin your day together with a healthy family meal. Not only does a hearty breakfast — with a balance of fruit and protein — support better concentration throughout the morning, but sitting down together allows you to set the tone for the day with some family bonding time.

3 Reasons Why Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day for Kids

Protein-Rich Foods for Your Kids

Any parent knows it’s hard to find time to cook up a well-balanced, nutritious lunch everyday. Most parents rely on easy, on-the-go lunch solutions. But just because you’re making a quick lunch doesn’t mean it can’t be filling. With these kid-friendly protein-fueled food ideas, both you and your kids can have a healthy packed lunch.

6 Ideas for Protein-Packed, Kid-Friendly Food

Making Easy and Nutritious Meals

Amending family favorites like quesadillas and sloppy joes by using low-cal ingredients is easy. You can whip up something for the entire family that you can feel good about – and they’ll love. These popular recipes include a mix of protein, vitamins, and healthy grains.

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