Steps for Setting & Following Through on New Year’s Goals

January 2nd, 2018

By: BJ Williston, SPARK Trainer and Curriculum Development Consultant Motivation is the general desire or willingness to do something. It is the drive and determination to get something done. That desire is part of the HOW to get things done. Motivation also includes the reasons you have for getting something done. Motivation is the incentive or stimulus […]

Healthy Family Habits for Every Month of the Year

January 15th, 2014

True positive change is often not drastic or sweeping. It takes time to modify your family’s lifestyle and create lasting healthy habits. SPARK creates resources for educators to teach kids the importance of physical activity and healthy eating at school, but establishing a healthy routine begins with parents at home. As you look ahead to […]

New Funding for State Health Departments to Support Chronic Disease Prevention

July 14th, 2011

“Prevention and Public Health Fund Coordinated Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Program” Deadline: July 22, 2011 Funding Amount: $300,000 – $2.4M Anticipated Awards: 53 (non-competitive) Project Period: 3 years Approx. Current Fiscal Year Funding: $ 39 mil Approx. Total Project Period Funding: $ 129 mil Funder: Affordable Care Act through the Prevention and Public […]

Stuck in the Sixties

May 27th, 2009

By Dr. Thom McKenzie Forty-three years ago this week (1966) I received my first degree, a Bachelors of Physical Education. I had mastered a very excellent program, and I had wonderful teachers. They ensured that I was physically fit, physically skilled, current academically on exercise physiology, kinesiology, and other subjects, and that I had practice […]