Fun Outdoor Activities for the Winter Season


Winter is no reason to stay inside all day. Just because the sun is hiding doesn’t mean it’s time to hunker down and hibernate. During colder months, it is important to get the family outside and maintain activity even though there may be some frost on the ground. Besides, winter months bring on a whole new set of fun activities to explore.

Feed the Fowl

Many birds stick around for the winter, and these little friendly fowl are easy to spot on a snowy backdrop. Make your days brighter—and theirs, too—during the winter months by putting out bird feeders for your feathered friends. Send the kids out with binoculars to go search for birds and other wildlife in the neighborhood.

Treasure Hunts and Tag

Treasure hunts are also a great way to get the neighborhood kids running around. See if they can’t find certain items around the neighborhood. If it’s really snowy, maybe you can get them to identify certain neighborhood items under that white blanket. Or send the kids out for a game of tag or capture the flag. Giving them a reason to run around will keep them warm and happy throughout the winter months.

Go Ice Skating

Nothing says the holidays like bundling up the kids, lacing on the skates, and taking a spin on the ice. Most cities have annual ice rinks that open up when the winter season hits. Take the family out for a day downtown and finish it up by showing your moves on the ice and getting the family running around.

Snow Men, Sledding, Snow Angels and Snowball Fights

One of the best parts of the winter season is that cold, flaky ambush that falls from the sky. Adults, children, and pets alike enjoy this falling fun and the neighborhood’s transition into a powdery winter landscape is a great reason to get outside and play.

Building a snow man is an age-old tradition that starts with one small snowball and grows into a great afternoon of activity. Get your loved ones outside and build a snow buddy to guard your house for the winter. You can even make snow bricks, build an igloo, and create an entire winter wonderland in your own back yard.

Dragging a sled up a hill doesn’t even seem like exercise when it’s in anticipation of the fun slide back down. Sledding can bring hours of enjoyment to all ages. Grab a traditional sled, a saucer, or even a metal trash can lid and let it fly for hours of laughter.

Snowball fights are a great way to keep that throwing arm in shape over the winter. Get the family outside and build bunkers, organize teams, and start tossing around some chilly fun.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are picking up in popularity, and resorts are speckled across the country. Get out and active by heading to the mountains where you can practice your skills on the slopes and then hit the clubhouse for some hot chocolate and good conversation at the end of a long, jam-packed day of activity.


Snowshoeing is a lesser-known pastime that gets people outdoors in the colder months. Snowshoeing gives you a whole new perspective on the outdoors, and allows you the chance to make tracks on uncharted winter territory, and share some time with the winter wildlife.

Ice Hockey

What’s the one sport that’s made for the colder months? Hockey! Ice hockey is full of action and suspense. As the official winter sport of Canada and a popular U.S. pastime, professional games can be found throughout both Canada and the United States. Pick-up games can often be found on local ponds or simply played in neighborhood streets during the winter months.

Ice Fishing

When done safely on ice that is several inches thick and above, ice fishing can provide hours of winter fun. Ice fishers catch fish with lines and fish hooks by drilling a hole in the ice of a frozen body of water and dipping a line into the water below. Often sitting on a stool out in the open, ice fishing brings some action to those long winter months, and is a great reason to get outside and participate in the season. Just be sure to ice fish only in safe, designated areas.

The winter season can be a time to pursue new and exciting adventures. From fishing to hockey and scouting out birds, getting the family outside for the winter season should be as easy as pointing them toward the sleds, the snow boots, and the great outdoors.

photo courtesy of Hobbes vs. Boyle