Giving Instructions in a Physical Education Class


Here are 4 strategies to be more efficient giving instructions and providing students with feedback to create a positive environment for your class:

When Before What:

When giving instructions, tell students when you want them to do something before you tell them what you want them to do

The object is… You do that by:

When describing an activity, try: “The object of the activity is ________; you do that by _________. Ready? Go!” This strategy helps keep your instructions focused and concise.

The 80/20 Rule:

After instruction, assume 80% of students understand and the other 20% don’t.

Instead of answering students’ questions, get started. Most students will “get it” while participating in the activity. While students move, play the role of “plumber” and “fix the leaks” by providing individuals with information when needed.


Students covet individual attention. Provide individual feedback when students are working alone or in small groups rather than shouting for all to hear.