Got PE?


Like milk, isn’t physical education (PE) “essential” for kids?  Doesn’t it contribute to their growth and development?  So why are so many deprived of it?

Myth vs. reality:

“Time in PE is time away from academic pursuits – and that’s what the kids are tested in.”

The latter is true – too bad because PE should be a part of standardized testing – but the former is false.  No study has ever shown that more time in PE has a negative impact on academic achievement.  The good news?  Students don’t have to sacrifice their health for the core subjects – they can have their math and move it too.  Need proof?  Go to Spark’s Results.

“We don’t have enough money to afford daily, quality, PE – or the credentialed teachers we need to instruct it.”

Budgets are tighter than ever.  However, it’s not a money issue – never has been.  There is money to spend – not much, not enough, but there IS money.  Budgets are always a pie to be consumed and the issue is how do you slice it?  How large a piece does PE receive — deserve?  I believe its section should be the equivalent of the other core subjects and not a penny less – and that includes equality for class size too.  Class size for PE should be linked to class size averages for other subjects.

“Parents care about grade point averages and want their students in class and learning.”

A national survey of parents and teachers concluded that over 75% opposed eliminating PE due to budget constraints or to meet increased academic standards (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2003).

There are more myths and contradictory realities.  The issue is clear and the time is now.  When PE programs and teachers are placed on the budgetary chopping block – speak up.  Ask if they plan to stop serving milk in the cafeteria too.  Got PE?

We’d like to hear YOUR opinions on this subject.  Wipe that milk mustache off your face and speak up!  (smiling)

-Paul Rosengard

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