How to Qualify for a PEP Grant


While any school or community-based program is qualified to apply for a Physical Education Program (PEP) Grant, only applicants who follow traditional grantwriting standards and address the goals and requirements of the PEP Grant program are likely to be awarded PEP Grant money.
• PEP Grants are awarded to organizations to help them initiate, enhance, or expand physical education programs for K through 12 students.
• Programs must help students work toward meeting state standards for physical education requirements.

Outline a detailed program with clear goals. The program you plan to implement should be discussed extensively in your proposal. Proposals full of generalizations and vague program descriptions are not convincing, so try to be as specific as possible about the program you plan to implement. Discuss your reasons for implementing your program and the goals you plan to meet through that program.

Prove a need for the program you plan to implement. Your grant proposal will not be seriously considered if you don’t show that your school or organization has a real need for the program you’ll be using the grant money for. In order to show need, you should plan to cite reliable research sources and statistics. The statistics you use can range from local data taken by your own school, organization, or county to state and national statistics about children and physical activity.

Show a need for the grant money in order to implement your program. Once you’ve outlined your program and established need, you’ll want to discuss how the PEP Grant money you’re asking for is necessary to make it all happen. Discuss how your current program could be improved (including adding new programs) and how the PEP Grant money will make those improvements possible.

Address PEP requirements in your objectives section. Since PEP Grant money is intended for programs that help children meet state physical education requirements, you must discuss how the program you plan to improve or implement will help children work toward meeting those requirements. In order to do so, you’ll need to outline the physical education requirements specific to your state.

PEP Grant money is also meant to help students meet one or more additional initiatives:
• Helping students understand, improve, and maintain physical well-being
• Enhancing physical, mental, social, and emotional development through instruction in physical activities and motor skills
• Development of cognitive concepts about fitness and motor skills that support healthy lifestyles
• Education in healthy eating habits and nutrition
• Professional development for physical education teachers to stay current on physical education research, issues, trends, and programs
You should plan to discuss any of these initiatives that your proposed program is working toward and how your program will meet these goals.

Propose a detailed plan for evaluating the effectiveness of your program. An important part of winning grant money is being able to show the organization that funded your program that the money they gave you was used effectively. You must present a plan for program evaluation that will prove your program met it goals, and you will be expected to prove that you followed through on this plan.

An effective plan for evaluation will also impact your ability to receive future grant money. If you receive PEP Grant money one year but then fail to follow through on your program evaluations, it will be very difficult for your organization to receive grant money a second time because you will not have proved that their money helped meet the objectives it was intended for in the past.

Show how your program will provide lifelong benefits to students. Programs that help students create a dedication to fitness that lasts into adulthood are more likely to receive PEP Grants. The PEP Grant Program gives special attention to programs that will help decrease the cost of medical care related to inactivity, obesity, and poor nutrition – conditions that medically affect more adults than children, but that start in childhood. Your organization should plan to prove that its program has real, lasting benefits.

Include plans to implement a SPARK PE program in your proposal. Schools that chose to apply for PEP Grants in order to implement a SPARK program were more competitive in the grant winning process. SPARK programs have already been proven to work, are aligned with state and national physical education standards, and come with assessment programs to evaluate their success and effectiveness, addressing the key requirements necessary to win PEP Grant money.