Making Time for Exercise as a Family


With hectic school schedules, work meetings, and tiring days, it’s hard to make time to exercise as a family. Televisions, video games, and constant Internet connectivity also don’t help us find the time to get outside and play together. But with some concerted effort and prior planning, making time to exercise as a family can help your health and communication, and allocates time to bond as a family unit and talk to each other about your lives.

Spending time together as a family and getting everyone out of the house is a high priority for maintaining family health. And spending more time with kids helps them make better decisions and be less likely to get into trouble.

Walking or Running

Simply going for a walk is the easiest way to incorporate exercise into your day. Choosing a nice scenic route can make a walk more enjoyable, but oftentimes heading straight from the house can give you less of an excuse to postpone. Parks can also incorporate more than one activity. Parents can go for a walk while children enjoy field games or just run around.

If you are feeling really ambitious, try signing up the family for a 5k run or walk and give yourselves a goal to work up to. Setting a plan and reaching the finish line is a great way to bond together as a family and reach a successful goal.

Ride a bike

Bike riding is another family favorite. Biking trails can make a fun and safe ride for children of all ages. And having a personal bike to take care of and enjoy can make each family more inclined to stick with it.

Pick up a sport

Family leagues are picking up speed, and there are many ways to get involved in outside sports. Even a family game of tag or kickball can bring fast fun to the outdoors. Plan a Saturday game of tag or join a week night sports team to help you stick with a regimen. These types of group sports help your family build confidence, learn cooperation, and get exercise in an enjoyable way.

Yoga, Martial Arts, Dance Classes, and Swimming Lessons

All three of these activities can be enjoyed regardless of the season, and can be a fun way to bring challenge to your exercise. Scheduled classes are also harder to miss, and allow family members to meet new people and work toward a goal. Classes can also lend reasons to practice at home, making it easier to bring exercise back into everyday life.

Bowling, Tennis, Basketball, or Volleyball

Bowling is a great sport for the whole family. Fun and exciting, bowling is almost like exercising without even realizing it. Join a league to keep your family dedicated, or plan a bowling night every week to help your family look forward to a fun exercise outlet.

Sports played on the court are open to all ages, and can help your loved ones get into the game. With multiple courts available at gyms and all-ages teams cropping up all the time, there’s no reason to keep the family cooped up in the house every week. Sign up for a gym membership or get involved in local clubs to help each member remain accountable for their exercise regimen.

If it seems like there’s just not enough time in the day to exercise, try keeping an activity journal. There’s a good chance that each family member has more downtime than you think, and those times can be rearranged to make more space for family exercise.

With all the virtual workout games on the market, chances are you are already set to provide the family with an entire home workout theater. Get the kids up for a dance party or play activity games on your gaming console. There is a whole new world out there made up of virtual exercise that incorporates games, weight loss regimens, and fun challenges for the whole family.

However you choose to get your family involved in exercise, the highest priority is sticking with it. Keep a calendar or set dates in advance to make sure that there can be no last-minute excuses. Families that exercise together can reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, a closer relationship, and a higher level of confidence.