New: Community Transformation Grants (CTG) "Small Communities Program"


The CTG Small Communities Program was recently announced with approximately $70 million being awarded to improve the health of small communities across the nation. This small communities component of the CTG program targets intervention populations of up to 500,000 in neighborhoods, school districts, villages, towns, cities and counties in order to increase opportunities for people to make healthful choices and improve health.

Deadline: June 18 (LOI), July 31 (Application)

Award Amount: $70 million will be awarded to up to 50 communities.

Eligibility: Governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations, including school districts, health departments, and non-profit and community based organizations.

Click Here to learn more about the CTG-Small Communities Program.

Click Here to download a CTG Resource Guide that explains how you can use SPARK to align with the goals of the grant. This document includes information that shows:

  1. Alignment to the Strategic Directions and Strategies within the CTGs application
  2. Alignment to CDC’s long-term measures for addressing physical activity and nutrition
  3. Why you should partner with SPARK for your CTGS submission
  4. How SPARK deliverables align with CDC prevention outcomes
  5. Which SPARK Evaluation & Assessment options might be used to support your submission

Next Steps:

Click Here to apply for the Community Transformation Grants-Small Communities Program.

Contact SPARK at 800-SPARK-PE or We’ll ask you a few questions, learn about your current programs, and listen to your vision for creating a healthier community. Together, we’ll create a program that will WORK and LAST.

Additional Resources:

Click Here to read how North Carolina successfully implemented the SPARK Programs to fight childhood obesity state-wide.

Click Here for the CDC’s report “School-Based Physical Education: An Action Guide”. This document may provide guidance in determining your community’s approach to increasing physical activity. SPARK is mentioned throughout the report as an evidence-based program that increases the quality and quantity of activity for all students.