New Professional Development Opportunities


SPARK is excited to offer some new professional development opportunities for schools. Starting in January, the new Starter Workshops, which are 3-hour versions of our current SPARK PE offerings (EC, K-2, 3-6, MS, HS, AS), will be available. These 3-hour workshops will give an overview of the program and opportunities for participants to engage in several SPARK activities. By keeping the training to 3 hours, schools can be more flexible with scheduling while still giving teachers exposure to the curriculum.

We also have a new Rhythmic Movements Speakers Bureau workshop coming out in February. This workshop will provide fundamental components of rhythmic movement and innovative ways for teachers to incorporate these concepts into their classes. Teachers will learn instructional strategies and new activities for teaching units such as drumming, movement bands, and manipulatives. This workshop is for K-12 teachers and after school providers, and all attendees will be provided with an activity guide filled with lesson plans to teach these concepts in their classes.

Remember to visit SPARKecademy to address all of your professional development needs. SPARKecademy provides free and paid modules for members to enroll in, as well as free webinars and tutorials to view. Although membership is free, members must purchase credits from School Specialty to enroll in paid modules. We are now offering packs of credits to save you money and provide access to the library of SPARK content. These credits, which do not have an expiration date, can be purchased individually, as a pack of 10, or as a pack of 16. Paid modules cost 1 credit each, and most paid courses have 16 modules.

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