Partner Spotlight: Healthy Lifestyle Choices


Our health education partner, Healthy Lifestyle Choices (HLC), provides a school-based program that empowers youth with the knowledge and skills to make healthy choices. Focused on the emotional, social and physical health of children, HLC provides hands-on activities in the classroom on topics including Life Skills, Nutrition, Fitness, Safety, Conflict Resolution and Substance Abuse Prevention.

Click Here to learn more about the Health Education program we offer in partnership with HLC.

The HLC Program offers many programmatic supports on their website including a parenting guide, newsletters for students and short videos that support classroom instruction. For example, one of the toughest things to do is help children make good decisions by thinking before acting.  Students can watch a short video of Stephanie using the steps of the STAR decision-making model as she decides whether to study for a test or go to the movies (Click Here for this particular video).

S – STOP. Ask yourself, “What decision needs to be made?”

T – THINK. “What are my choices?” “What are the positive and negative consequences of each?”

A – ACT. Make a decision and take action!

R – REVIEW. Ask yourself, “Did things work out as I planned?”