Early Childhood Teaching Tips: Physical Activity and Readiness Skills


Connecting movement with readiness skills during physical activity plays an important role in the preschool environment.

To create an environment which integrates school readiness and physical activity, incorporate the following:


Use manipulatives of various basic colors.

Tips for Teaching Physical Activity and Readiness Skills


Use spot markers, hoops, and parachutes for circle recognition. Use ribbon hoops, scarves, and ropes to form shapes.


Provide opportunities to identify and use a variety of relationships with objects (e.g.; near/far, over/ under, on/off, around/through).


Body Part Identification

Provide opportunities to identify and use a various body parts.



Set up manipulatives in various patterns (i.e.,red, blue, red, blue or red-blue-blue, red-blue-blue) for children to identify basic patterns.


Use art to reinforce knowledge of colors, pathways, relationships, shapes, and sizes learned during physical activity.

Listening Skills

Provide opportunities to develop listening skills (i.e., start and stop signals, simple cues, and multi-step instructions).

For a sample SPARK physical activity lesson plan incorporating school readiness, Click Here.