Rapides Foundation Provides Grant Opportunity for Central Louisiana


Thanks to The Rapides Foundation, you can apply for up to $10,000 to help improve the health of youth in your community. One goal of this funding is to support efforts to develop proven and innovative programs designed to increase physical activities for both young and old. SPARK has worked with The Rapides Foundation and parishes in Louisiana to achieve this goal in the past, and there are new opportunities available to build on that success. Together we can create a healthy and active future for the children of Central Louisiana!

Deadline: Rolling

SPARK is proud to have partnered with The Rapides Foundation and Parishes in Central Louisiana in the past. Since that time SPARK is proud to have introduced several new programs, including:

  • NEW 2011 Early Childhood Program
  • NEW 2011 Middle School Program
  • NEW Nutrition Education curriculum from Healthy Kids Challenge

Each new program features updated content and innovative curriculum tools, as well as new training workshops and equipment packages. Visit sparkpe.org to learn more!

Next Steps:

  1. Go to http://bit.ly/noGe12 and download the application.
  2. Contact Bianca Wofford at SPARK. She’ll ask you a few questions, learn about your current program, and listen to your vision for improving the youth physical activity and wellness programs at your site. Together, you’ll come up with a plan that will WORK AND LAST.
  3. Send in your submission and wait to hear the good news!

Questions? Contact Bianca Wofford

Bianca.Wofford@schoolspecialty.com | (800) 772-7573 ext. 2243 | sparkpe.org