School Lunch Learning Lab Ideas


School nutrition staff across the country are preparing to implement the new school meal guidelines this upcoming year. You may or may not work in school nutrition, but all the ideas below are adaptable to any classroom. Turn your school’s cafeteria, and your classrooms, into a true “learning lab” during this transition with these suggestions to build awareness, excitement and fun for kids!

Provide a “blast” of MyPlate information in the cafeteria. Devote a month to promote MyPlate along with the new meal guideline changes.

  • Hang MyPlate posters, create MyPlate table tops and develop educational bulletin boards.
  • Highlight a healthy menu change from the new meal guidelines that kids will be seeing in the cafeteria; such as Fruits & Veggies Every Day the Tasty Way or Breakfast GO Power from Whole Grains.
  • Offer a “learning center” in the cafeteria. Set up a table displaying MyPlate trivia facts or healthy crossword puzzle handouts, which can be found in the Explore MyPlate with School Nutrition booklet.
  • Provide a healthy competition! Scramble the words for the MyPlate food groups and print as handouts. Let the kids unscramble the words and those that turn in their corrected sheets, get a healthy prize.