SPARK & GenMove Team-Up To Move Generations to Better Health!


SPARK is proud to announce a partnership with GenMove, a fellow movement and health education solutions provider out of Charleston, South Carolina.

GenMove, now a SPARK “Recommended Resource”, was developed by the creators of Socci, the multi-sport system used by youth in schools, adapted PE, after-school programs, and early childhood education since 2005. This partnership hopes to foster greater access to innovative and versatile equipment for schools and community-based organizations nationwide.

SPARK Executive Director Paul Rosengard adds,”The GenMove team provides an excellent supplemental product for all physical activity providers. Their games align support SPARK’s core philosophy by being inclusive, highly active, and fun for kids.

GenMove’s innovative product lineup is designed to level the playing field and enpower students of all abilities to enjoy physical activity and good health.

  • The GenMove goal, the only four-sided goal used in education, allows for multiple scoring opportunities so =all students experience success and increased self-confidence.
  • Adjustable for better grip or better foot control, GenMove balls can be easily inflated or deflated to help students develop particular sport skills.
  • Additional products include colorful polyspots, noodles, and domes that can be incorporated into GenMove programming or other classroom activities in a variety of ways.

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