SPARK Names GeoMotion Group Newest Recommended Resource!


SPARK is proud to announce a partnership with GeoMotion Group, a leading fitness and learning company based in Orlando, Florida.

GeoMotion Group, now a SPARK “Recommended Resource”, was founded in 2002 by Dr. Debby Mitchell, Ed.D., a retired Associate Professor at the University of Central Florida. Dr. Mitchell started GeoMotion because of her passion to get children more physically active while learning.

Dr. Mitchell adds, “As a former teacher of pre-service physical educators, I utilized the SPARK program and recommended it to practicing teachers.  It is an outstanding program and we are very excited to form a partnership.”

GeoMotion Group provides fun, safe and easy methods and products to encourage learning, physical activity and fitness. GeoFitness, Dance and Learnercise products are movement-based products and curriculum that are developmentally appropriate, easy to use, and cost effective to increase fitness and academic achievement.

From pre-school to active seniors – GeoMotion Group offers a variety of programming including:

  • Nutrition Education
  • Active Learning with Learnercise for early childhood
  • Children’s Choreography, Integrated Academics and Games
  • Hip Hop, Partner and Latin Dance
  • Cardiovascular Activities including Aerobics & Kickboxing
  • Functional Integrated Training and Fitness circuits
  • Athletic – including Speed and Agility, Plyometrics (GeoMetrix) and Sport Specific Training
  • Fitness after Fifty

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