This month we’re featuring an update on the website from Aaron Hart, SPARK’s Director of Development.

What’s new with the SPARKfamily Website?

I’m glad you asked. Let’s start with SPARKfit. You’ll find a new and improved Fitness Lab e-Book with a continued focus on Health-Related Fitness, Nutrition and Goal Setting.

We’re also proud to introduce our Wellness Walking for Staff program. This section slightly modifies our student wellness-walking program and customizes it for your staff. This is a great place to start for your next staff wellness presentation!

Keep in mind that SPARK has a great Staff Wellness component to our Coordinated School Health Initiative. For more information about our fun and energizing staff wellness training Click Here.

Next, you’ll find a special Web-Only unit in our 3 – 6 PE Program. The Racquets and Paddles unit isn’t in the binder and was previously only available on the 3 – 6 Instructional Media Disk. Now you can find the complete unit in the 3 – 6 PE Curriculum section of the SPARKfamily Website.

Finally, check out the freshly launched Resource Center for a Site Navigation Video Training. It will help you learn how to optimize your use of the SPARKfamily Website.

What’s coming in May? More SPARKfit circuits, more activity videos, more video trainings and better weather!

As always, thanks for the opportunity to serve both you and your students.

Aaron Hart
Director of Development Member