Sportime Innovations Leader Passes


BTraub photo

Barry Traub, longtime Sportime development leader and product innovator extraordinaire, has passed away after many years of battling the effects of a serious diving accident in the early 1990’s. The injury slowed him, but never stopped his passion for product development. Barry was instrumental in the growth of Sportime into an internationally known Physical Education leader. He also launched the Abilitations Special Needs catalog following many conversations with his physical therapist during rehab after his accident.

His passion for wanting to change the way PE is taught was always burning bright. He was responsible for hundreds of product introductions and innovations over the years, as well as patents and copyright registrations of catchy product names. Barry will be missed by his Sportime/SPARK/School Specialty friends, his PE teacher friends, and, unknown to them, by students of all ages who had a chance to be more successful at learning skills because of his innovative mind.

Barry’s legacy will live on in the strength of the Sportime PE and Abilitations Special Needs brands. School Specialty is committed to reinvigorating these beloved brands, and to providing innovative solutions for educators so that students of all ages and abilities can learn and succeed.