Sportime Rhythmic Movement Physical Education Program


Sportime featuring SPARK is happy to announce the launch of our new Rhythmic Movement Program. This program includes 3 different resources to help teachers integrate rhythmic concepts and activities into their physical education curriculum.

Rhythmic Movement Activity Guide

This activity guide provides opportunities for fundamental movement experiences so students can learn to move effectively and efficiently while developing rhythmic skills. Ultimately, the focus is on successful participation, skill, and knowledge application – all while developing rhythmic skills and health-related fitness.

Activities in this unit are designed to utilize:

  • Individual expression
  • Small group collaboration
  • Maximum student engagement
  • Skill development

The lessons are presented via 5 themes – Drumming, Movement Bands, Manipulatives, Dance, and Jump Rope. Each theme has 5 lesson plans that are sequenced by level of difficulty and include instructional media to enhance the lessons with resources such as skill and task cards, instructional videos, music, and more!

Rhythmic Movement Equipment Set

Engage your students in rhythmic movement activities with a variety of hand-selected physical education equipment. The Rhythmic Movement Equipment Kit aligns with the included activity guide and provides all of the items needed to teach all of the lesson plans. There is enough equipment in the set to teach a class of 36 but can be customized to meet classes of any size.

The kit provides 3-year access to the digital SPARK Rhythmic Movement Activity Guide on

Rhythmic Movement Professional Development Workshop

The development of rhythmic movement skills is an integral component of motor development and sensory integration for every student. This active and FUN workshop will explore the pedagogy of teaching rhythmic movement and share strategies and activities to integrate these concepts into physical education units. Activities are designed to utilize individual expression, small group collaboration, few rules, and meaningful practice to maximize student engagement.

Activities and techniques in the first part of the workshop are presented via 5 themes – Drumming, Movement Bands, Manipulatives, Jump Rope and Dance. The strategies showcased represent a compilation of more than 25 years of lessons learned from benchmark studies! The second part of the workshop uses discussion and peer teaching to reinforce concepts learned and give hands-on practice with skills and equipment used in the workshop.

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