Urgent Action Needed from Texas School Health Advocates


From Marissa Rathbone, Director of Policy and Programs, ACTIVE Life

Dear Texas School Health Advocates,

We need you! (And just for a few minutes…)

House Bill 1018, designed to propel the work of School Health Advisory Councils (SHAC) throughout the state, has been recommended for referral to the Senate Local and Consent (having made it *almost* ALL the way through the legislative process).  If it is not set for the Senate and Local Consent Calendar TODAY, we will lose the opportunity to support our schools, students, and communities in this proactive and positive way.

It won’t happen without your help.

HB 1018

  • Establishes a SHAC subcommittee that aims to improve current and future physical activity and fitness programming for students and staff while strengthening existing policies and programs that improve student health.
  • Asks the SHAC to review and make recommendations regarding the value of resource and revenue-generating joint (land) use agreements.
  • Reminds school districts of the requirement to implement SHACs with due diligence (i.e. meets 4 times/year, parent as chair/co-chair, etc.).
  • Provides organizations, schools, and state agencies with the opportunity to have a dialogue with school district leadership about making health a priority.

Please call, email and/or visit one of the following (especially the chair) of the Senate Administration Committee today to ask that they assign HB 1018 to the Local and Consent Calendar.  If we are unable to get it assigned to the calendar today, it will likely fade away.


Chair: Sen. Kevin Eltife
Vice Chair: Sen. Carlos Uresti
Members: Sen. John Carona
Sen. Kelly Hancock
Sen. John Whitmire
Sen. Tommy Williams
Sen. Judith Zaffirini

Phone Script: “Please assign HB 1018 to the Senate Local and Consent Calendar.   It costs the schools NO money, provides resources and potential revenue for school districts, is entirely volunteer-based, is good for schools and students, and has universal backing by schools and constituent groups.  It has received all favorable votes.”

HB 1018 is what we’ve been waiting for…so it is GO time!

Marissa Rathbone

Director of Policy and Programs, ACTIVE Life