URGENT- Advocate for Quality Physical Education!


Urgent Request- deadline of March 26th!

Advocate for Quality Physical Education as part of the NCLB reauthorization (ESEA)

The U. S. House Education and Labor Committee is collecting comments regarding the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (formally No Child Left Behind) reauthorization. In an effort to have Physical Education addressed and included in the reauthorization, your participation is extremely necessary. This is crucial as our country is at a very critical point and we can NOT miss this opportunity.

Please take a few moments to send the following points to the email address below. Now is the chance many of you have been waiting for and it is a small window of opportunity. Please let our Federal Leaders know how important physical education is to our students and their health.


Please identify your group or identify yourself as a supporter of quality physical education.

Please request that the new Elementary and Secondary Education Act should:

  • Refocus the newly developed Successful, Safe and Healthy Students section to a Coordinated School Health Approach extending the already proposed activities to provide a critical facility in which many agencies might work together to maintain the well-being of young people.
  • Include the text of the FIT Kids Act, requiring schools to report on the quality and quantity of physical education, physical education facilities, teacher accreditation, and physical education curriculum;
  • Require all physical education teachers to be licensed in physical education;
  • Include physical education standards as part of the core curricula all students need especially when developing assessments for student growth; and
  • Maintain the Carol M. White Physical Education Program as a stand-alone grant program, with minimum funding of $100 million.

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