Follow-up Consultation/Facilitator Training

The SPARK Consultant has been specially trained to identify site-specific concerns that may prevent classroom teachers from instructing P.E. of sufficient quantity and quality and respond with practical solutions to their problems.  One of their goals is to make the classroom teachers’ lives easier, therefore, as a part-time physical education/resource specialist on staff, they model lessons, team teach, assist with classes, help with set-up and take down of equipment, assist with organizing and managing the storage and maintenance of equipment, assist with scheduling facilities and time blocks, and respond to any and all questions and concerns regarding implementing SPARK.

As part of the SPARK commitment to program continuity, our consultant will continue to work with the identified on-site facilitators at each site.  These facilitators would help ensure the continuity of SPARK after the consultation contract is over.

Additionally, the entire SPARK team is available year-round to assist with any physical education related concerns throughout this time period (recess and lunch activity stimulus, questions on fitness testing, assessment, etc.)  Teachers participating in the program would be encouraged to contact both the SPARK Consultant and the SPARK principals with any P.E. questions and concerns.  SPARK researchers and educators are available to provide a talk or presentation to parent groups, community organizations, to support the staff, administration, and P.E. program at the school.