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SPARK Early Childhood Research

The SPARK Early Childhood (EC) program being disseminated today applies the lessons learned from rigorous research and subsequent field-testing in the "real-world”.  SPARK EC is designed to provide children ages 3-5 with high activity, academically integrated, enjoyable movement opportunities that foster social and motor development and enhance school readiness skills.

Note: The numbers after each outcome correlate to the project/paper references that follow.

  • Experience with large implementations (e.g., NYC) 823 sites, 3,838 staff trained via 147 workshops (2)
  • Experience with minority children at high risk of overweight/obesity (3)
  • After SPARK EC training 91% of respondents reported using SPARK EC curriculum in their classrooms (2)
  • On average, teachers taught a SPARK lesson 3x per week (2)
  • In daycare settings, the amount of structured PA time increased significantly after teachers participated in SPARK training (2)
  • Full-day teachers, median time increased from 78-100 min. per week.  Half-day median time increased from 60-78 min. per week (2)
Changes in Health Behaviors
  • Reduced screen time (1)
  • Reduced consumption of fast and junk foods (1)
  • Increase in overall healthy choices and food scores on the child assessment (1)
  • Frequency of junk food consumption decreased among overweight children (1)
  • Parent reports on normal weight children showed children’s duration of PA increased significantly (1)
  • Increase in levels of moderate to vigorous physical activity during EC session time (4)
Changes in Body Composition
  • Overweight and obese children BMI (N=96 or 26% of students) decreased (1)
  • Mean BMI at beginning of year was 91.43, end of year 83.60 (1)
Selected references:
  • Healthy for Life Study – St. Josephs Health System, CA, 2011 (1)
  • NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene studies, NY, 2005-2007 (2)
  • State Dept. of Health study on Childhood Obesity in New York State 2004 (3)
  • University of Tennessee, Memphis Head Start study in Title 1 schools, TN, 1998 (4)