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Are there tools SPARK provides that can help me evaluate the success of SPARK?

Standard and Premium programs include the following evaluative efforts and consultation in their use:

  1. Formative/Needs Assessment: SPARK workshops are modified and targeted to meet the particular needs of each school or agency. To accomplish this goal, SPARK staff conduct a phone interview to understand the vision and direction of the participating school, district, or agency. During the interview important questions on activity quantity and quality are also posed. Additionally, SPARK disseminates a survey to each workshop attendee to analyze current offerings, ascertain program strengths/successes and what they would like to focus on during staff development. These tools are compiled and given to the host agency, and presented to the SPARK trainer as a critical component of her/his presentation.
  2. Inservice Evaluation: SPARK Trainers have each attendee complete an inservice evaluation after a workshop. These measure the effectiveness of the training session. They are compiled and presented to the host.
  3. Program Evaluation: SPARK provides a Final Debriefing Form for the district to administer near the end of the school year to all SPARK workshop attendees. This survey asks questions regarding teacher/youth leader utilization of the program (quantity and quality) and their impressions of its effects on student achievement. Click here to access this Final Debriefing Form.
  4. Lesson Quality Checklists: SPARK provides and instructs participating teachers in the use of their LQC, which is an evaluative tool that measures instructional effectiveness. There is a different LQC for each SPARK program. These may also be used to collect hard data in baseline, process, and outcome measures.
  5. Administrator Monitoring: SPARK is able to provide a district, organization, or agency administrator with the ability to monitor an individual’s access to and/or (SPARK’s private websites that house their digital content). This special access provides leaders with important data showing who is logging on and using the tools and resources on the site -- and who is not. This knowledge may be used to mentor and/or remediate teachers not engaging at expected levels. Additionally, this monitoring provides data helpful to determining implementer fidelity – and may be used as a process measure. District, organization or agency groups with administrator access will be set up upon request.

NOTE: For an additional fee, SPARK also offers research-validated assessment tools and the consultation on how to use them (SOFIT, SOPLAY).

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