PEP Grant Recipients Speak Out

“SPARK exemplifies a high quality physical education program. The curriculum is as good as any that I have come across in 20+ years, the training is phenomenal. The training changes practice. Teachers who have burned out have been re-energized by participating in the SPARK trainings we have offered. If you want to see a change in your physical education program, choose SPARK.”

-Brett Fuller (2012 PEP Winner) Curriculum Specialist

Milwaukee Public Schools, Milwaukee, WI

“SPARK is EVERYTHING a Physical Educator needs. The lessons are sequenced perfectly with activities that keep the students engaged and excited about each unit. It is all there and developmentally appropriate. Most importantly our students are moving more and learning more.”

-Dana Chambers (2012 PEP Winner) PE Teacher and PEP Grant Manager

Newcastle Public Schools, Newcastle, OK

“When looking for a curriculum that was evidence-based and met the standards for physical education, the SPARK curriculum soon distanced itself from the others. We looked at the ease of implementation and staff development for proper implementation. We have been very satisfied with the SPARK program.”

-Julie Graber (2010 PEP Winner) PEP Program Manager & High School PE Teacher

Ellsworth Community School District, Ellsworth, WI

“I need to say THANK YOU! The SPARK PE Workshop was incredible! It’s become a highlight of our off-the-record planning time and how we’re serving the needs of our students.”

-Betsy Cantrall (2009 PEP Winner) Teacher

Oceanside Unified School District, Oceanside, CA

“Recently, my middle school teachers participated in the SPARK training and found it incredibly rewarding. Right away, teachers are encouraged that they can make changes in the classroom that will make significant differences for kids. Thank you SPARK, for bringing solid activities and easy to use assessments to my teachers. SPARK is now both my elementary and middle school curriculum of choice.”

-Judy Lobianco (2009 PEP Winner) Supervisor of HPE

South Orange-Maplewood, Maplewood, NJ

“The training was FANTASTIC!!!! I got so much out of those three days!! All the other PE teachers were very positive about the training, and were very receptive to the SPARK curriculum.”

-Pamela Lambert (2009 PEP Winner) Principal District Wellness Coordinator

Williston Public School,  Williston, ND

“I chose SPARK After School Program for our organization because of their research base and years of field testing. My staff loves the SPARK curriculum because it’s so easy to learn and use. I strongly recommend their after school program to any organization looking for excellent physical activity content, training, age-appropriate equipment, and consultation. SPARK does it all, and they do it very well.”

-Mandee Polonsky (2005 & 2007 PEP Winner) Chicago Public Schools

Chicago, IL

“I would like to share some of the comments the middles school teachers made about the curriculum: -‘We no longer have students standing around. Students are actively engaged and actually tired when they leave my class.’ ‘Every kid participates and they don’t even realize they are exercising.’ ‘The kids love the warm-up activities and our activity time has increased.’”

-Judy Vanderford (2008 PEP Winner) Health and Physical Education Teacher

Kenosha School District, Kenosha, WI

“SPARK has proven to About Our Kids, Inc. that physical education can have easy, efficient and effective implementation, be fun and enjoyable and incorporate all classroom and after school students while maintaining and increasing motor development and positive behavior.”

-Jerod Morey (2010 PEP Winner) Executive Director, About Our Kids, Inc.

“SPARK it is an excellent tool and resource for a trained Physical Education Teacher. For the untrained teacher SPARK offers a plethora of knowledge to begin a successful program. I am very happy to continue working with (SPARK) to build our program.”

-Marc Vachon (2011 PEP Winner) PEP Grant Manager

Mohonasen CSD, Schenectady, NY

“The implementation of the SPARK Curriculum and resources has enhanced our elementary physical education programs through quality professional teacher development and student engagement.”

-Eric Stern (2011 PEP Winner) Past President- FAHPERDS

Palm Beach County School District, West Palm Beach, FL

“SPARK makes a difference! The School District of Beloit went all in on SPARK hoping to move from good to great. And that we did! SPARK goes beyond solid curriculum; it gets to the heart of what teachers need in their tool boxes to teach like champions. Staff performance definitely stepped it up a notch following the training. Staff reported that student activity time increased and actual skill levels improved upon implementation of SPARK. The support staff at SPARK has been easy to work with and pays attention to detail.”

-Shawn Fredricks (2010 PEP Winner) PEP Grant Director

School District of Beloit, Beloit, WI

“SPARK is definitely the curriculum to go to. Not only do you get great resources, but you get great training to supplement the resources. And the trainers are wonderful, they’re energetic, they’re knowledgeable in the content areas, and their enthusiasm is contagious. You just want to go back, and take the activities and start them right away.”

-Nick Kline (2008 PEP Winner) PEP Coordinator

Cortland County Family YMCA, Cortland, NY

“I first learned of SPARK at Nike, when I participated in a workshop there. I was so impressed with their after school program that I insisted we write it into our PEP Bill grant. Now, everyone in the Atlanta Boys and Girls Clubs knows how great the SPARK curriculum, training, and equipment is. Together, this is an unbeatable team and I highly recommend them to all PEP Bill winners.”

-Matt Ryan (2005 PEP Winner) Executive Director

Atlanta Boys and Girls Club, Atlanta, GA