Presidential Youth Fitness Program Alignment

As a research-based public health organization, SPARK applauds the hard work and forward thinking that has led to the development of the Presidential Youth Fitness Program.

SPARK believes strongly in the power of assessment, quality professional development, and motivational recognition and has long been an active President’s Challenge Advocate. Our work to align to PALA+ (Presidential Active Lifestyle Award) has helped hundreds of teachers, activity leaders and thousands of students get and stay active.

How do you use SPARK with the Presidential Youth Fitness Program?

Every SPARK Program is designed as a comprehensive physical education and/or activity resource that can be used as a stand-alone program or as a research-based companion to a school district’s curriculum.

With a focus on teaching the knowledge, skills and behaviors that students need to be physically active for a lifetime – SPARK acknowledges the need for a variety of assessments, including a scientifically valid fitness test.

SPARK recommends building both a pre- and a post- fitness assessment into your yearly plans for upper elementary, middle, and high school physical education using the assessments provided in the SPARK programs and on You can also find resources for awards and recognition at

For activity leaders without specialized physical education training we recommend the use of the PALA+ program ( to encourage and document regular physical activity. PALA+ is the perfect assessment and recognition program for After School programs aiming for 60 minutes of daily MVPA in out-of school settings.

Physical Education and After School programs led by trained and certified specialists are prepared and equipped to advance student assessment by utilizing all of the resources available through the Presidential Youth Fitness Program.

SPARK will continue to be a passionate advocate for fitness assessment as part of a comprehensive, quality movement program.

Alignment Highlights:

Presidential Youth Fitness Program:

  • SPARKfit Portfolio Page (Grades 3-12 & After School)
  • Fitness Assessment Station Cards for use during fitness testing and practice days (Grades 3-12 & After School)
  • Fitness Personal Best Activity Plan, Content Cards and Assessment Sheets (High School & After School)
  • Fitness Units focused on improving all components of health-related fitness (Grades K-12 & After School)
  • Published research providing evidence that students who participate in SPARK Physical Education programs make gains in health-related fitness levels


  • PALA+ Healthy Eating Goal Checklists (Grades 3-12 & After School)
  • Active Lifestyle Challenge Activities (Grades 3-12 & After School)
  • PALA+ Activity Log (Grades 3-12 & After School)
  • Active Lifestyle Group Contract (After School)