Network For A Healthy California & SPARK

  • SPARK (originally funded by the National Institutes of Health in 1989) offers proven, research-based solutions for increasing the quantity and quality of daily physical activity as well as improving nutrition.
  • SPARK elementary physical education is the only nationally disseminated program that positively affects ALL of these student outcomes: activity levels (moderate to vigorous surpasses 50% of class time), fitness, sport skills, enjoyment, and academic achievement.
  • SPARK has been working with the Network for over a decade and offers special discounted pricing for SPARK Nutrition-Power workshops.  Click here to download the SPARK Nutrition-Power Workshop flyer.
  • The SPARK staff of researchers and educators has 20 years of successful experience working at state, community, and district levels in both urban and rural areas; and with a variety of cultures and demographics (including state-wide adoption and city-wide Department of Health initiatives).
  • SPARK has extensive Awards & Honors, including being cited in the Surgeon General’s Report as a “School-based solution to our nation’s healthcare crisis” and identified as a successful model for combating childhood obesity in the report, “Fighting Obesity: What Works, What’s Promising” by the HSC Foundation.
  • SPARK is the partner you need to implement your policy change. If you pass a policy to increase MVPA time in PE to over 50%– SPARK is proven to implement this strategy. If you pass a policy for more physical activity time, your teachers will need staff development in working with obese children, and SPARK is cited as a proven obesity prevention strategy. If policy is passed to mandate a curriculum, SPARK offer research and standards based curriculum that has proven to work and last.
Next Steps:

Contact SPARK (800-283-5700 or We'll ask you a few questions, learn about your current program, and listen to your vision for creating a healthy community. Together, we'll create a program that will work and be sustainable.