Unit of Credit - Graduate Level Professional Development Credit

Complete SPARK Premium Program training and you'll be eligible to earn a graduate level professional development credit from San Diego State University!

Premium Program training can be onsite (2 days), offsite at the SPARK Institutes in San Diego, or online on SPARKecademy.org (16 courses).

New! You can now combine in-person training with online training in order to complete a Premium Program. After you complete a Standard (1 day) workshop, complete the final 10 modules on SPARKecademy.org in the same grade level program to complete Premium Program training. Make sure to document your Standard workshop in SPARKecademy using the course code in order to show that you have completed the full program.

First, complete your hours of training and then follow the steps below to apply for the credit from San Diego State University. Training hours should be completed within the semester dates.

San Diego State University - Summer 2018

Summer Dates: 5/1/2018 - 8/14/2018

Cost per unit: $80.00


SPARK Staff Development programs provide teachers with a practical, working knowledge of the SPARK PE/PA curriculum, as well as the skills and instructional techniques needed to successfully implement it. Curricular components are modeled, dissected, and discussed.


Teachers will learn:

  • The theory behind innovative, health-related physical education (PE) and physical activity (PA) programs.
  • Organizational and management techniques necessary to provide quality PE/PA instruction.
  • How to develop and maintain student health and fitness through the use of SPARK content and methodology.
  • How to improve students' fundamental movement and sports skills through SPARK teaching progressions.
  • Methods of PE/PA class scheduling, facilities management, and equipment acquisition.
  • How to motivate children to be active away from school.
  • Techniques that teach students how to develop and maintain wellness behaviors.

You will receive a LETTER grade for this course. To earn an “A,” you must complete these 3 steps:

1.  Complete SPARK Premium Program training onsite (2 days) or online on SPARKecademy.org (16 courses) in a particular focus area (e.g., K-2 PE).

2.  Implement SPARK with your students.

3.  Complete (3) Lesson Quality Assessments. Click here to obtain a Lesson Quality Assessment.

To register for a SPARK course, go to: SPARK Summer 2018 Courses

When you click on the SPARK applicable course you’d like to register for, a dropdown displaying the options will appear. Under "Action," on the right hand side of the side of the screen, you can either click on the white box for additional info or click the cart icon to add to your cart. Then you will simply check out. Contact the College of Extended Studies' Registration Office at cesreg@mail.sdsu.edu or (619) 594-5152 if you run into any difficulties. Registration must be completed by August 13, 2018.

Course Schedule Number:

ED 0997: SPARK Summer 2018


*A $25 late fee and/or deadline penalties will apply if you do not meet registration deadlines. Please contact the College of Extended Studies registration office (619) 594-5152 or cesreg@mail.sdsu.edu.

Information About Grades and Transcripts

Getting an SDSU official transcript is now easier and faster, using online ordering at the SDSU Web Portal. Information and a link are available at http://arweb.sdsu.edu/es/registrar/ordertranscripts.html. All content must be submitted by August 14th. Before ordering official transcripts, view your unofficial transcripts to make sure all of your grades have been posted.

You will need to know your SDSU Red ID to order transcripts. You were assigned a Red ID when you registered for your SDSU course. If you do not know your Red ID, go to www.sdsu.edu/redid to retrieve your Red ID number. If you have any questions about your Red ID, grades, or transcripts, please e-mail cesreg@mail.sdsu.edu or call 619-594-5152.

If you have questions regarding registering, grades, or transcripts, or if we may be of assistance to you in any way, please contact the College of Extended Studies registration office (619) 594-5152 or cesreg@mail.sdsu.edu.

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