Follow-Up Support

What type of follow up support is included with a SPARK Program?

Dynamic curriculum and a great training session are not always enough to facilitate systemic change that lasts. It is critical to provide extensive support to ensure each school/agency is successful throughout the change process. To facilitate this effort, SPARK "Stars" are identified among participating teachers and are asked to serve as SPARK liaisons.

When a SPARK training ends, everyone leaves except the SPARK Stars and the site principals. Then, SPARK presenters facilitate a separate, supplemental meeting focusing on what SPARK refers to as the "Three I's":

  • Infrastructure: Equipment storage and access, scheduling of facilities and classes, etc.
  • Implementation: Teachers/youth leaders resistant to change, large class sizes preventing certain activities from being taught effectively, etc.
  • Institutionalization: Replenishment of equipment to maintain set integrity, professional growth opportunities, SPARK Institutes and Train the Trainer models, etc.

During the SPARK Star meeting, each attendee receives access to Star materials on line to assist them in their roles as well as a thank you gift from SPARK.

Note: Each SPARK Star meeting is modified to address the needs of a particular program; and in some cases, may not be conducted (e.g., site cannot identify people to assume the role, program doesn't require or desire a SPARK Star, etc.).

All participants in any SPARK Program receive lifetime support via our 800 number, e-mail, and website, as well as a monthly webinar series, social networking opportunities and a monthly eNewsletter that includes SPARK updates and teaching tips.

Attendees are encouraged to stay in touch with SPARK and call with any physical education/activity questions and concerns, no matter how small. SPARK staff consult and send support information and materials forever -- even when a SPARK trained teacher moves on to another school/agency.