School Health Assessments

Comparing School Health Assessments

A school health assessment helps identify strengths and weaknesses of school health policies and programs and provide direction for school health improvement efforts. Some states and school districts have policies or program requirements to use a school health assessment. In addition, school health assessments are often required for grant funding.

Different school health assessments are available to address specific areas of concern in school health and school improvement efforts. This page provides an outline of the three leading school health assessments that are readily available:

  • School Health Index, published by CDC
  • Healthy Schools Program, provided by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation
  • Let's Move! Active Schools Assessment Tool
  • Healthy School Report Card, published by ASCD

School Health Index

The School Health Index (SHI) is a self-assessment and planning tool that schools can use to improve their health and safety policies and programs. It's easy to use and completely confidential. The School Health Index was developed by the CDC and is required for the PEP grant application.

Healthy Schools Program

The Healthy Schools Program has adopted the CDC’s School Health Index to help schools assess their progress in our program. We have identified those best practices in the School Health Index that are core to a healthy school. These are identified in our Framework of Best Practices and are indicated as “Required” questions. Answering and implementing these best practices may qualify a school for our National Healthy School Award, as noted by the Bronze, Silver and Gold badges throughout the website.

Let’s Move! Active Schools Assessment Tool

Adopted from the CDC’s School Health Index, the Let’s Move! ActiveSchools Assessment is 9-11 questions and serves as your annual benchmark for physical education and physical activity programs, best practices, procedures, and policies.

Healthy School Report Card

The Healthy School Report Card (HSRC) guides your school or district through the four steps of the HSRC process including Organizing, Scoring, Reporting, and Using the Results.

HSRC also includes access to the Online Analysis Tool allowing you to track progress across multiple sites, produce comparison reports, develop trend lines and produce site-specific HSRC Results.

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