Research shows that extensive follow-up support is critically important to produce lasting, environmental change -- a primary goal of every SPARK program. To facilitate this effort and make it site specific, "SPARK Stars" (formerly known as "SPARK Facilitators") are pre-identified among participating teachers and serve as SPARK liaisons.

When a SPARK training concludes, everyone leaves except the SPARK Stars and the site principals/directors (note, for schools working towards the CDC model for Coordinated School Health, SPARK encourages all Advisory Council members to attend the Star training).

For an additional 20-60 minutes (time varies by program, Star availability, etc.) the SPARK presenter facilitates a separate, supplemental meeting focusing on what SPARK refers to as the Three I's . . .

  • Infrastructure: Equipment access and rotation for classes, scheduling of facilities and SPARK PE/PA, administrative support, etc.
  • Implementation: Teachers resistant to change, large class sizes preventing certain activities from being taught effectively, etc.
  • Institutionalization: Replenishment of equipment, professional growth opportunities, SPARK Institutes and Train the Trainer model, support from peers and others for ongoing program analysis and improvement, etc.

During the SPARK Star training, each attendee receives access to materials on line, as well as a special thank you gift from SPARK.

The SPARK Star training, materials, and follow up support are included in the SPARK Premium or Standard Program price.

SPARK has had two publications demonstrating strong institutionalization of program concepts and methods. Ask for a free reprint of our sustainability paper and insist on using programs that have been proven to work -- AND LAST!

SPARK Star Resources:

Are you currently a SPARK Star? Available in the links below are useful resources for YOU. And remember, SPARK is here to support you forever. Contact us at 800-283-5700 or e-mail with any questions or concerns.

Additional Resources:

Our new Grant Finder Tool will help you find grants specific to your state and type of program. New grants updated daily!

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I began the year with anticipation, excitement and yet some apprehension with the implementation of a new curriculum for our Middle School Physical Education classes. Although I love the curriculum...

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