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High School Curriculum

SPARK High School Physical Education Set
Curriculum Set Options:

Details on each component in section below

Curriculum Components:

  • Complete “e-Manual” with digital files of all content
  • Instructional videos of SPARK HS PE dances and Group Fitness routines
  • Interactive alignment and assessment tools
  • Personally Fit Wellness Extensions with Home Activity Challenges and more
  • Hundreds of skill and task cards in English and Spanish
  • Audio files for use with iPod or MP3 player

  • Aligned to State and National Standards
  • 15 instructional units written in scope and sequence
  • New “Prep, Set, Teach” format for every lesson
  • Character Matters educational resources to promote and assess character development
  • Year-round fitness sections to promote lifelong wellness
  • Additional sections focused on management & organizational techniques to increase MVPA

  • All the music needed to teach SPARK HS PE on one CD.
  • Every dance from the SPARK manual including warm-up and cool-down music
  • Up-tempo tracks for use in each Integrated Fitness Unit

  • Holds and organizes teaching materials provided on
  • Hundreds of laminated cards divided by tabs for easy access
  • Save time and $ downloading, copying and laminating

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I appreciate the support from Sportime (and now SPARK too) for the Teacher of the Year program. Through the years they have not only helped me provide quality equipment for my students but provided...

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