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Student Assessment in SPARK High School Physical Education

SPARK recommends that assessment be utilized for much more than grading. Various forms of assessment can/should guide instruction, document learning, monitor performance and improvement, denote achievement, enhance motivation, group students, promote physical education, garner resources for program development, and more.

SPARK High School Physical Education (HS PE) offers physical educators a variety of assessment options and presents them in a “Choose your level” approach. Teachers select Level 1, 2, or 3 based on their program goals, the expectations of administrators and parents, personal experiences with assessment, etc. Each Level is designed to offer cascading standards-based assessment tools, styles and strategies, and any and all may be integrated with assessments already in use.

SPARK Leveled Assessments:

Level 1

  • Personal Best Assessments
Level 2
  • Personal Best Assessments
  • (Add) SPARK Unit Written Tests
Level 3 -- Choose 3 or more of the following:
  • Personal Best Assessments
  • SPARK Unit Written Tests
  • (Add) Character Matters Assessments
  • Fun-day-mentals Jigsaw Notes
  • Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda Character Ed Journaling Pages
  • Create Your Own Game Task Cards
  • LTG Championship Points Tracking System
  • Heart Rate Monitor Logs
  • Pedometer Logs

The SPARK High School Program is presented in two major content segments – iFitness (i=Integrated) and Games-Based Units (skill development within the Sport Education model).

i-Fitness is comprised of 4 integrated fitness focuses, each listed with their particular assessments below:

  1. Group Fitness: Unit Test (and answer key); Basic Training Peer Checklist; Create Your Own Routine Assessment Tools for Yoga, Cardio Kick, Freestyle Aerobics, and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  2. Strength Training: Create Your Own ST Program; E-1 RM Log
  3. Wellness Walking: Personal Best; Create Your Own WW Circuit, Unit Test (and key)
  4. Fitness Personal Best:
    1. Fitnessgram Assessments: Curl-Up; Push-Up; Sit and Reach; Pacer
    2. President’s Challenge: As above, but distance run used for Aerobic Capacity.

A unique aspect of SPARK High School’s iFitness section is the SPARK Fitness Instructor (SFI) Program. Select students may participate in a certification program in Group Fitness, Strength Training, or Wellness Walking. The assessment tools provided to facilitate this process include:

  • Teacher SFI Tracking Sheets monitor students’ efforts to complete Certification criteria:
    • Master content
    • Create a routine
    • Lead a routine
    • Pass a quiz and test
    • Create Your Own Routine Content Card is a printable form for students to use as they design a group fitness routine and prepare to lead it for their peers.
    • Leader Certification Peer Checklist provides a tool for students’ peers to rate and provide feedback as students lead a group fitness routine.

Games Unit Assessments (sourced from 11 units) include:

  • Personal Best Assessments
  • Create Your Own (Dance, Cricket, Softball, Soccer, Volleyball)
  • Ultimate Hat Tournament Team Card (Flying Disc)
  • Game Scorecards (Badminton, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball)
  • Unit Tests (w-key)

The SPARK HS PE program is supported by SPARKfit content available on The main goal of the SPARKfit program is to teach students how to be productively active in a variety of environments while managing their own wellness goals.

Students participating in the SPARKfit program will:

  • Assess personal fitness scores and set goals based on recorded data that will improve or maintain fitness and wellness levels
  • Demonstrate proper technique for a variety of fitness activities and exercises to ensure safe and enjoyable participation
  • Complete a personal wellness portfolio that demonstrates the understanding of basic nutrition, fitness and goal-setting concepts
  • Demonstrate understanding of appropriate social behavior in relation to a fitness and activity setting

SPARKfit assessment tools include:

  • Station Cards for FitnessGram and President’s Challenge Fitness Testing
  • Fitness Test Results Tracking Sheet
  • Wellness Walking Fitness Journal
  • Student Fitness Portfolio
  • Heart Rate and Pedometer Tracking Logs
  • MVPA Journal Pages

Character Matters: In addition to the physical, cognitive and behavior assessments cited, SPARK has a Character Matters program woven throughout the HS PE program that fosters the application and assessment of social skills. Assessment tools for this program are presented in Self-Check style and provided for all 10 social skills introduced. They provide space for students to self-report behaviors, set goals positive engagement, and reflect on social interactions.