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SPARK High School PE Workshops

These dynamic workshops are designed to incorporate “New PE” methods – focusing on content selection with a more individualized fitness theme and game activities that draw from the Sport Education model. When sports are addressed, they are more lifetime in nature, highly modified, while providing students with cooperative learning opportunities within authentic participation settings. Teachers learn how to differentiate instruction to ensure all students, regardless of ability or gender, experience success in physical activity, then strive to replicate those successes outside of class.

SPARK High School instructional units incorporate 5 unique teaching segments: Personal Best Days, Fun-day-mentals Jigsaw, Adventure Race, Game Day Activities, and an exciting, culminating SPARK Event. Workshops are designed to show each teacher how to lead these segments and effectively incorporate SPARK’s high MVPA (moderate to vigorous physical activity) strategies.

Attendees are exposed to a variety of innovative assessment techniques and tools that authentically demonstrate student learning and achievement. If participants are ready, willing, and able, SPARK will also integrate their robust technology (e.g., how SPARK content can be used via an iPad or tablet).

High School Physical Education Training Workshops

How do I host a SPARK Workshop at my school or district?

SPARK makes it easy to bring a Certified SPARK High School Physical Education Trainer to your school or agency. Choose from either Premium (12 hours of training, 2 full days), Standard (6 hours, 1 full day) or Starter (3 hours, half day). SPARK takes up to 40 attendees at each workshop -- combine with other schools or agencies to share costs.

What is a SPARK workshop like?

SPARK workshops are FUN, "hands-on," and specially designed to meet the needs of the host school(s), district, or agency. Participants learn by doing, and become motivated by a dynamic staff of educators (some are former state and/or national teachers of the year, and/or program authors). SPARK uses a variety of advanced pedagogical skills to move physical education/activity programs and their teachers forward with a unique, "obesity prevention approach" to instruction.

SPARK workshop participants receive carefully selected handouts, motivational prizes earned during the workshop(s), SPARK Certification, a SPARK banner for their school, and are eligible for a unit of credit from San Diego State University (Premium Program only).

Additionally, SPARK staff assist in promoting physical activity throughout the day (e.g., before school, during lunch, intramurals, and after school). All planning, organizing, and consultation on any and all physical activity matters is provided as part of any SPARK workshop program

What are the goals, objectives, methodology, and outcomes of SPARK workshops?
  • Goal: To provide strategies and tips to increase the quantity and quality of physical education/activity classes; and promote the maintenance of physical activity away from class as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Inservice Methodology: The three primary factors that contribute to a successful staff development program will be utilized. They are:
    1. foster teacher/youth leader awareness regarding the goals of SPARK and how they may differ from current programs
    2. provide ongoing, skill-specific training
    3. solicit and encourage group interaction, feedback, and support
  • Inservice Outcomes: Participants will learn:
    1. organizational, management, and instructional techniques necessary to teach active physical education
    2. how to develop, maintain, and increase student health and physical fitness
    3. how to improve fundamental movement and sports skills
    4. how to motivate children/adolescents to become active outside of school
    5. techniques that encourage students to commit to a lifetime of health and physical fitness
    6. a pathway towards instructional alignment and standards-based teaching (Premium level only)

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Looking for additional professional development opportunities?

SPARK is proud to offer a wide selection of on-site and online teacher training programs and topics to meet the professional development needs of your school, district, or agency. Online teacher training is provided via where you can access free recorded webinars and tutorials and purchase SPARK program online training modules.

SPARK has the BEST presenters ready to lead the most effective and enjoyable professional growth day ever! Presenters include past SHAPE America Teachers of the Year, SPARK trainers and program authors, and product experts. Click Here to learn more and to view our full menu of training options.

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I need to say THANK YOU! The SPARK PE Workshop was incredible! My whole 3rd grade team is now implementing it. It's become a highlight of our off-the-record planning time and how we're serving the...

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