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Inclusive PE Equipment

Equipment is a critical component to a successful inclusive PE class. Equipment modifications, where necessary, should be made for students with disabilities.

Grades Inclusive Physical Education Sports Equipment

Inclusive PE Equipment Lists:

Our expert-selected, content-matched equipment list includes the items needed to teach the activities provided in the SPARK Inclusive PE Guidebook. We have also provided an additional list of modified or specialized equipment when further substitutions are necessary based upon your students’ specific needs.

Click Here to download the Inclusive PE recommended equipment list.

Sportime Inclusive PE Starter Pack:
Grades Inclusive Physical Education Sports Equipment

In addition to the recommended equipment lists, we are proud to provide the Sportime Inclusive PE Starter Pack. The Inclusive PE Starter Pack provides expert-selected products, specifically designed to enable success, to substitute for a variety of physical education equipment to keep all students physically active and engaged during PE. The Starter Pack also includes the SPARK Inclusive PE Guidebook in print and digital format.

Click Here to order your Sportime Inclusive Starter Pack.

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  1. SPARK provides special discounts (free shipping on the purchase of any set*) to SPARK schools and organizations
  2. SPARK provides a single point of contact for FAST, PERSONAL service, FREE expert consultation, and CAREFUL tracking of your order.
  3. SPARK uses only Sportime equipment – the most innovative equipment distributor in the U.S. -- and provides industry leading warranties and service.

*Free shipping is limited to sets shipped to the contiguous 48 states.

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