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Professional Development Prices

Note: the prices below are for the SPARK Inclusive PE Professional Development Training. For Instructional Materials only pricing Click Here and for Equipment only pricing Click Here.

Staff Development:

  • 3 or 6 hours of “hands-on” instruction segmented by am/pm breaks and lunch (host facilitated)
  • Days and start/stop times are flexible
  • Maximum of 40 participants for safety and to ensure adequate equipment for all
  • Applicable for Grades K-12 physical education teachers and paraprofessionals who work with students with temporary or permanent disabilities in general PE classes

Follow-up and Sustainability:

  • Certificate of Completion (awarded end of day to those present)
  • Post workshop consultation via phone and email
  • SPARK e-newsletter sent to each attendee monthly
  • SPARK monthly webinar series
  • SPARK social media opportunities (blog, Twitter, Facebook, more)
  • Raffle prices and/or giveaways

Price: $1,499 (+ travel) for 6 hour training or $999 (+ travel) for 3 hour training

Important Notes:

  • The SPARK Inclusive PE Specialty Workshop does not include curriculum, equipment, or transportation expenses.
  • Up to 40 attendees per workshop.
  • Combine with others and share costs (e.g., 10 schools send 4 teachers each, price per school is 1/10 of total above).
  • For current pricing for the SPARK Inclusive PE Guidebook, contact your SPARK representative and/or Click Here.
  • Projects outside of the contiguous 48 States may incur additional charges. Please contact SPARK for pricing.

The purpose of this glossary is to provide specific information regarding the components outlined in the cost analysis.

SPARK strongly recommends the 6-hour training. Alternatives should be considered only if budgetary constraints and/or hours for staff development cannot meet the 6-hour training standards.

Instructional Materials

Designed to serve as a practical aid for both K-12 Physical Education teachers and paraprofessionals who work with students with temporary or permanent disabilities in general PE classes. The Inclusive PE Guidebook provides over 200 pages of resources designed for Physical Education (PE) teachers who teach a general PE class that includes students with disabilities. The guidebook provides information and strategies for creating an inclusive environment so that all students can be successful by participating in an authentic and enjoyable PE class. The guidebook includes skill adaptations, lesson modifications, sample lesson plans, and instructional strategies for 12 disability categories.

SPARK Handouts:

Each SPARK workshop attendee receives a targeted handout packet and/or access to supplemental educational materials on line. These handouts may include: Research papers, personal health articles, activities and assessment tools not in the current manual, web-site resources, relevant current events, and notification of professional growth opportunities. SPARK staff have carefully selected and packaged these handouts to coordinate with and enhance the SPARK workshop experience.

Staff Development:

SPARK workshops are FUN and “hands on.” Teachers/instructors learn by doing and become motivated by a dynamic SPARK Certified Trainer. Research data show that attendees teach more and better activity classes after participating in SPARK training. SPARK workshops are conducted any place, any day of the week, any time. is a special, password-protected website where you can access a library of effective digital tools to support your program.

SPARKfamily members can:

  • Access the complete Digital Curriculum with digital files of all content
  • View instructional videos of SPARK activities and dances
  • Use interactive alignment and assessment tools
  • Access hundreds of skill and task cards – English and Spanish
  • Receive helpful tips from SPARK’s Master Trainers


For all programs, the entire SPARK team assists with physical education/activity questions or concerns. SPARK provides lifetime consultation and support via an 800 number, e-mail, website, and informative monthly e-newsletters and webinars. Teachers can stay current on public health happenings via the SPARK blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages too.

Contact a SPARK representative with questions and/or to have a proposal developed aligned to your needs.

Email: or Call: 1-800-283-5700

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