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SPARK Inclusive PE Workshops

The SPARK Inclusive PE Specialty Workshop is designed to teach participants how to adapt and modify their physical education curriculum to effectively engage students with disabilities. Strategies will be shared on how to create an inclusive environment, adapt activities and equipment and how to accommodate students during skill-based instruction. Attendees will learn to modify lesson plans for specific disabilities and how to better meet the needs of students. Workshop activities provide opportunities for hands-on learning in order to create an inclusive environment that benefits ALL students.

SPARK provides an extensive follow up/support system which includes lifetime support and consultation for each attendee via 800 number and e-mail, monthly webinars and e-newsletters, and social media opportunities.

How do I host a SPARK Workshop at my school or district?

SPARK makes it easy to bring a Certified SPARK Trainer to your school or agency. The Inclusive PE Specialty Workshop is a half (3 hours) or full (6 hours) day, on-site workshop hosted at your facility. SPARK accommodates up to 40 attendees at each workshop -- combine with other schools or agencies and share the cost.

What is a SPARK workshop like?

SPARK workshops are FUN, "hands-on," and specially designed to meet the needs of the host school(s), district, or agency. Participants learn by doing, and become motivated by a dynamic staff of educators (many are former state and/or national teachers of the year, and/or program authors).

SPARK workshop participants receive Certificate of Completion; post workshop consultation via phone and email; access to e-Newsletter, monthly webinars, and social media opportunities with other physical educators; and raffle prizes and / or giveaways.

What are the goals, objectives, methodology, and outcomes of SPARK Inclusive PE workshops?
  • Goal: To learn how to make classes more inclusive, gain strategies for adapting lesson plans and discuss suggestions for modifying equipment and assessments. When this workshop concludes, attendees leave ready to expand their content knowledge of inclusive physical education. Everyone will walk away with tools and resources to begin using the very next day
  • Inservice Methodology: The three primary factors that contribute to a successful staff development program will be utilized. They are:
    1. foster teacher / paraprofessional awareness regarding the goals of SPARK and how they may differ from current programs
    2. provide ongoing, skill-specific training
    3. solicit and encourage group interaction, feedback, and support
  • Workshop Outcomes: - participants will:
    1. Implement strategies for successful engagement of all students
    2. Utilize the SPARK Inclusive PE Guidebook resource
    3. Participate in activities to learn ways to modify for specific disabilities
    4. Identify needs of various exceptionalities and how they affect participation in PE
    5. Explore a variety of options for modifications to increase engagement

Contact us at or 1‐800‐283-5700 to learn more about scheduling an Inclusive PE presentation for your school or district or Click Here

Looking for additional professional development opportunities?

SPARK is proud to offer a wide selection of on-site and online teacher training programs and topics to meet the professional development needs of your school, district, or agency. Online teacher training is provided via where you can access free recorded webinars and tutorials and purchase SPARK program online training modules.

SPARK has the BEST presenters ready to lead the most effective and enjoyable professional growth day ever! Presenters include past SHAPE America Teachers of the Year, SPARK trainers and program authors, and product experts. Click Here to learn more and to view our full menu of training options.

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We do SPARK in many of our programs and we love it! SPARK gets all kids involved and active, sometimes without even realizing it because they are having so much fun. Personally, it is one of my...

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