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Healthy Kids Challenge Health, Cafeteria & WorkersWe are proud to offer Healthy Kids Challenge® (HKC), a nationally recognized program created by an exemplary team of registered, licensed dietitians with many years of school, program, and community wellness experience.

HKC utilizes evidence-based content and instructional strategies that are aligned with the recommendations of CDC, NIH, American Academy of Pediatrics and USDA to provide effective nutrition education materials and services to schools and youth programs.

Awards and Recognition

HKC has received the honored:

  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (American Dietetic Association) Anita Owen Award for Most Innovative Educational Program
  • Advertising Council-Community Action Network (CAN) Service Award Honoring the Media & Corporate Communities for Outstanding Solutions to Social Problems

Additional recognition and collaboration include:

  • 2012 Hall of Fame Award for Marketing Disease Prevention in America
  • Community Dietetics National Awardee
  • Outstanding National Dairy Council Grant
  • 25th Year Innovation Award Cooking Light
  • Silver Award Winner Cooper Institute
  • HECAT development for CDC
  • External reviewer for IOM report on childhood obesity
  • Cooper Institute Nutrigram tool development
  • Let’s Move Chefs to Schools
  • Health advocacy fellows program
  • Access to healthy foods advisor
  • Statewide school improvement plan

Resources are based on best practices and research

HKC uses the most current evidence-based recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other leading organizations. The curriculum:

  • Is designed for health literacy. At the younger age levels images are incorporated for better literacy. Parent Tips are generally written at a six to eighth grade level and are available in English or Spanish. Classroom activities are written to be inclusive for all socio-economic groups.
  • Is written for all children, regardless of weight. Studies show that most kids do not eat in a way to maintain good health.
  • Aligns with health education standards and guidelines, including the CDC Health Education Analysis Tool (HECAT), Alliance for a Healthier Generation Healthy Out-of-School Time Framework (HOST), Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Guide for Effective Nutrition Intervention (GENIE), Institute of Medicine, Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and MyPlate.
  • Is written with strategies and content that support the connection with academic performance to eating and physical activity. We understand that together, healthy eating and physical activity create balance and are committed to helping leaders find ways to support kids and families in finding they C.A.N. (Connect Activity and Nutrition), including:
    • A collaborative partnership with SPARK, evidence-based PE programs.
    • Incorporating a Move and Learn activity in every nutrition curriculum lesson.
    • Emphasizing healthy balance with Active Play, as one of the Healthy6 habits. Click Here for Healthy6 Printables and to learn more.
    • Integrating physical activity into every event.
  • Includes measurable objectives that address one or more of the following: knowledge, attitudes skills, behaviors, policy, and environment. Attitude and behavior outcome measures include guiding goal setting and logs.
  • Is founded on effective health behavior education strategies and environmental change: HKC incorporates a HEAR – SEE – DO approach (Kids HEAR a healthy message; SEE how to make healthy choices; and DO – have hands-on practice of healthy habits) based on social cognitive theory, goal setting, and the Socio-Ecological Model.

Audience: Curriculum/materials are age-appropriate for teachers of K-8 students.

Click Here to view the "HECAT: Healthy Eating Module" report for HKC.

Click Here to review Healthy Kids Challenge educational resources using GENIE: A Guide for Effective Nutrition Interventions and Education.

Click Here to view the Healthy Kids Challenge alignment with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s HOST (Healthy Out-of-School Time) Framework.

Click Here to view how Healthy Kids Challenge was developed with evidence-based research and is a practice-based curriculum and program.

Program Components:

1.  Needs Assessment

A thorough needs assessment (phone and survey) is conducted prior to any professional development session. This information is used to focus the workshop to the particular needs of the students served and the teachers attending.

2.  Curriculum

HKC Balance My Day-Nutrition Education Curriculum (grades K-2, 3-5 or 6-8) is available through SPARK.

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3.  Lifetime Support

For a program to work and last, extensive, ongoing consultation must be provided. SPARK demonstrates commitment to follow-up via their unique “SPARK Stars” institutionalization model, by offering FREE, lifetime support to each curriculum/material purchaser and/or workshop attendee through 800 number and e-mail consultation, a monthly webinar series, social networking opportunities and an informational monthly eNewsletter that includes SPARK updates and teaching tips. For more information on the FREE lifetime support SPARK provides, Click Here.

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