Texas CSH

Texas educators love SPARK Coordinated School Health Initiative (CSH)! SPARK has a long history of working with Texas school districts, including current partners San Antonio ISD, Lubbock ISD, Northside ISD, and McAllen ISD.

SPARK provides evidence-based resources coordinated within and across all grade levels for K-12. Concepts are age and developmentally appropriate and presented in a sequential manner which reinforces and builds on learning to achieve longer lasting results.

  • SPARK is the only program that has a clearly defined Scope and Sequence ranging from Pre-K through 12th grade.
    • Click Here to view SPARK CSH Scope and Sequence for K-8
    • Click Here to view SPARK PE Scope and Sequence for Pre-K-12
  • SPARK components are aligned to both SHAPE America National Standards and the TEKS for Physical Education. Click Here to view alignment.
  • SPARK’s extensive array of assessment tools help Texas Physical Educators assess student progress and demonstrate their learning of the TEKS. Click Here to view SPARK Assessment Tools.
  • SPARK offers PECAT (Physical Education Curriculum Analysis Tool) analysis which is particularly valuable to schools and districts assessing their own programs and choosing supplemental resources. Click Here to view SPARK PECAT reports.
  • SPARK Coordinated School Health is an officially approved program by the Texas Education Agency! Click Here to view the list of approved programs.

SPARK hosted a free informational webinar on September 10, 2014 to review the SPARK Coordinated School Health Program components and the TEA approval. To view the recorded webinar, Click Here.

Contact our TX Program Representative, Nicole Roberts, at (512) 673-0511 or nicole.roberts@sparkpe.org for more details on how to SPARK up your program!

Our new Grant Finder Tool will help you find grants specific to your state and type of program. New grants updated daily!

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SPARK staff are the best! We did elementary workshops in our district and the teachers loved them. The SPARK group did so much of the organization and planning for me, saving me so much time. SPARK...

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