SPARK Wellness for Staff Equipment Sets:

Can you imagine looking at a 10,000 item catalog and trying to select the right 8” foamball from 16 choices? You won’t have to. SPARK content experts have created equipment sets that match each item to an activity, saving teachers and administrators valuable time.  Each set consists of quality Sportime equipment and includes all the items needed to implement SPARK Wellness for Staff. A select team of SPARK program developers, curriculum writers, and workshop presenters meet annually to modify the equipment sets  so they align perfectly with Wellness for Staff activities.

Staff Wellness Physical Education Sports Equipment Sets

Note:  SPARK staff will consult with any school representative to modify a set to correspond with budgetary constraints and/or equipment needs.

Wellness for Staff Equipment List:

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Three Great Reasons to Place Your Next Equipment Order with SPARK:
  1. SPARK provides special discounts (free shipping on the purchase of any set*) to SPARK schools and organizations.
  2. SPARK provides a single point of contact for FAST, PERSONAL service, FREE, expert consultation, and CAREFUL tracking of your order.
  3. SPARK uses only Sportime equipment - the most innovative equipment distributor in the U.S. -- and provides industry leading warranties and service.

*Free shipping is limited to sets shipped to the contiguous 48 states.

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