SPARK Booster Workshops

A SPARK Booster is a full-day workshop created especially for teachers who have already participated in a SPARK Premium (12 hour) training program.

At a SPARK Booster, the specially selected SPARK Trainer gets everyone moving and having fun from the “get-go!” She/he reviews key points from previous SPARK sessions and provides new activities “hands-on.” These new lessons are provided in a handout packet (and/or via on-line access) and may be inserted into a teacher’s SPARK binder.

Depending on the design of the Booster, new teaching strategies and/or styles are modeled, and the use of videotape review and/or peer teaching and assessment is utilized to improve instructional methodology. All attendees leave with a renewed enthusiasm for teaching SPARK.

After the workshop, the SPARK Trainer stays an additional hour and leads a meeting of the site facilitators (“SPARK Stars”) and their principals/directors. This meeting focuses on what SPARK refers to as the three I’s: Infrastructure, Implementation, and Institutionalization, and is intended to foster environmental change.

A SPARK Booster Workshop includes:

  1. Planning/preparation -- by SPARK staff and trainer
  2. Formative assessment  -- conducted to learn the needs of the attendees
  3. Full day (6-hour) training -- led by a Certified SPARK Training professional
  4. Targeted handouts -- for up to 40 attendees, shipping inc.

Follow Up Support:

  1. SPARK Star meeting
  2. Lifetime consultation for each attendee via 800 # and email
  3. SPARK e-Newsletter and monthly webinar series
  4. Social media opportunities