Summit Presentations

Presentation Handouts:

Common Core Connection by Aaron Hart

2 Small, 2 Many, 1 Teacher = 5 Solutions by Aaron Hart

Mad for iPad by Jeff Mushkin

Academic Achievement Accomplished! by Jeff Mushkin

Functional Creative Fitness by Chip Candy

FRUNNING by Chip Candy

Fitness Slips by Chip Candy

Title: FUNctional Fitness -- Fast, Unique and New

by Chip Candy

Have you incorporated FUNctional Fitness into your program? Attend this active session and learn new strategies that make fitness FUN and help your students maximize outcomes Presidential Youth Fitness Program (AKA Fitnessgram) outcomes.

Title: Let's Move! Active Schools-a Physical Activity Leader in Action

by Judy LoBianco

Learn about Let's Move! Active Schools and its signature Physical Activity Leader training, led by SHAPE America and the Centers for Disease Control.  Explore the Comprehensive School Physical Activity model, the solution to activate youth for 60 minutes each day at school, and create a culture of physical activity that supports healthy students, staff, and the entire school community. Discuss new national programs designed to support this collaborative initiative.

Title: Presentation: Common Core Connection

by Aaron Hart

As a physical education teacher, you’re probably heard of the new common core standards and are wondering, “What does this mean for my students – and me?” Today more than ever, teachers are being held accountable to prove their students are learning. The demand on teachers, administrators, and schools to deliver data driven results is a challenge facing everyone. This session will view the Common Core State Standards Initiative and S.T.E.M. through the eyes of a physical educator. Experience fun activities that optimize learning and make administrators drool. You’ll leave with access to free evidence-based lesson plans and authentic assessment tools you can use with your students tomorrow!

Title: 2 Small, 2 Many, 1 Teacher = 5 Solutions

by Aaron Hart

Your activity area is too small, your class sizes too large, and there’s only one of you! This presentation combines the best limited space/large class size strategies from a variety of programs and approaches. If you teach in an environment that is less than perfect, don’t miss the active, enjoyable and relevant session!

Title: Mad for iPad?

by Jeff Mushkin

Today, more and more teachers are looking for ways to integrate their iPads (and other tablets), iPods, and smart phones with their physical education and health courses.  Attend this presentation and experience physical education/health "APP all-stars!"

You'll learn how an iPad (or tablet device/smart phone) and APPS can be used with students in a variety of class settings.  Leave with free access to a website that continually reviews and recommends the best PE APPS.  This session is guaranteed to SPARK an interest in APPlied technology and shock you with relevance and APPlication.

Title: Academic Achievement Accomplished!

by Jeff Mushkin

The data are clear, healthy kids are better learners! One of the best things elementary classroom teachers can do to improve student test scores is to integrate movement into the core subjects. A large percentage of children are kinesthetic learners and every child benefits from quick, brain-based energizers. This session will provide sample content and instructional strategies that have been proven effective in real-world settings. Teachers will leave with FREE lesson plans, access to newly developed online resources, and support from content experts. You’ll score this session in the 99th percentile for relevance!