The Family Coach Method

Dr. Lynne Kenney, author of The Family Coach Method, is a BIG FAN of SPARK. A graduate of our K-2 training curriculum, Lynne is an advocate for SPARK in schools.  As a pediatric psychologist she knows the value of exercise and nutrition in the lives of families.

bookDr. Kenney's popular book The Family Coach Method, sold out on Amazon in it's first two weeks. To read the book, join Dr. Kenney's teleclasses or participate in any of her parenting events visit

Best known as The Family Coach, Dr. Lynne Kenney shows parents of children ages 3 to 8 (the critical years for developing values and behavior patterns) how to create specific, foundational life skills that will stay with children through good times and bad. Combining the practicality of Supernanny with the creative problem solving of a super sleuth, Dr. Kenney helps busy families of young children identify core values and create long-term, practical child-rearing strategies that work with a minimum of time investment. She gives parents the words and actions to teach their children how to grow into independent, confident, compassionate, accountable kids.

The Family Coach Method is a friendly, illustrated how-to manual of strategies, tips, real-life stories and solid support, structured for quick reference. Filled with age-appropriate sample conversations and problem solving scenarios, the book guides a family to a place of mutual respect, shared values and strengths: a winning team.

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Dr. KenneyDr. Kenney is a consulting psychologist with North Scottsdale Pediatrics where she works on a multi-disciplinary pediatric team coaching families to live with health and wellness. Dr. Kenney earned her Doctorate in Psychology from Pepperdine University in 1992. She has advanced fellowship training in Forensic Psychology from Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School and Developmental Pediatric Psychology from Harbor UCLA Medical Center/UCLA Medical School.

Dr. Kenney is also an avid writer and content provider for digital media platforms enhancing family life. One of the few psychologists who can write, record and produce her own content, Lynne launched the “MODMOM SHOW” the first syndicated Mom Podcast in 2002. She hosts the cable show Baby Basics on BabyFirst TV and is currently one of Montel William’s Life Coaches on his Live Well DVD set.