Train the Trainer Program

I. Description and Purpose:

The SPARK Train the Trainer Program (TT) for Early Childhood  (students ages 3-5), Elementary ( grades K-2 or 3-6), Middle School (6-8),  High School (9-12), and/or After School (ages 5-14), is designed to prepare exemplary teachers already SPARK trained  to conduct quality, SPARK workshops within a designated region to a specified group.

The SPARK TT is provided to school districts or organizations/agencies (hereby referred to as districts) to institutionalize SPARK concepts and methods.  The TT is only an option after SPARK Certified Trainers conduct workshops for at least fifty percent (50%) of the schools and/or teachers in a district; and SPARK reserves the right to choose which districts, cities, and regions are eligible for this model, or any variations of same.

Once the TT program is completed, Novice SPARK Trainers (NT) may lead SPARK workshops for teachers/schools/institutions independently of SPARK.  There is no limit to the length or number of workshops she/he may conduct within the contracted territory.

The TT agreement does not allow the NT to conduct SPARK workshops outside their district or to represent SPARK in any way to others, without expressed written permission from SPARK to do so.

Depending on the size and scope of the project, SPARK reserves the right to charge a royalty per workshop conducted.  This is determined on a per-project basis, and will be clearly communicated in a workscope/budget presented for review.

II. Criteria for becoming a SPARK Certified Trainer for a district:

Step 1:

Participate in SPARK training (i.e., choose only one SPARK program to learn).

Complete a minimum of 12 hours of training in that program.

Step 2:

Teach SPARK classes to students (implement SPARK) in that area of focus.

Once a person participates in a SPARK training, she/he must instruct students using and practicing SPARK methodology for a minimum of 6 months.

Step 3:

Participate in SPARK Institute and TT Training.

Upon successful completion of steps 1 and 2, the NT is eligible to attend the SPARK Institute (in their program) and participate in the 1-day TT workshop that immediately follows the SPARK Institute.


a. Depending on the number of NT’s to be trained, it might be more cost effective for SPARK to send their trainer to the district.  SPARK will work with each district to determine the best scenario for Step 3.

b. While the Institute preceding the TT workshop is not mandatory, it is STRONGLY recommended to supplement the knowledge base of the NT.  The cost of the Institute is included in the TT program price; NT’s are responsible for their own transportation, room and board while attending the SPARK TT workshop and the SPARK Institute.

At the 1-day TT Program workshop, each participant receives:

  • SPARK inservice handout copy masters, research paper reprints, newspaper articles, inservice evaluation forms, assessment forms and tools, presenter evaluation forms , SPARK collateral (envelopes, letterhead, brochures, etc.).
  • Powerpoint presentations representing Standard, Premium, and Booster workshop programs.
  • SPARK workshop task lists and agendas (Standard, Premium, Booster)
  • A CD containing copyrighted SPARK documents and permission to reproduce them.
  • Bag of SPARK trinkets, t-shirt, other promotional and raffle item samples as gifts to the NT.
  • Lifetime membership in program focus

Step 4:

Presenting with a Certified SPARK Trainer:

SPARK will pair the NT with a veteran SPARK Trainer for mentoring and follow-up support.  To begin this process, they will conduct a one-day (6-hour) workshop for an appropriate audience.  The SPARK Trainer will expect the NT to present all (or nearly all) of this workshop.  The SPARK mentor will evaluate the NT’s presentation, and provide verbal and written feedback.


a. The cost of the TT program includes a SPARK Trainer co-presenting one day during the first ninety days (both trainer fees and transportation costs covered -- within the continental United States).

b. If at the end of this initial co-present, the NT has not demonstrated sufficient skills and earned SPARK Certification, SPARK will notify the district that another co-present(s) and/or further remediation is required.  Additional co-presents will incur fees for both the SPARK mentor trainer and her/his transportation.

c. SPARK reserves the right to pass or fail any TT candidate.  Upon failure of a candidate, SPARK will work with the district in good faith to refund a portion of the TT price as deemed appropriate by SPARK.

Step 5:  SPARK tracking requirements and ongoing support:

When the NT is ready to solo, she/he will receive a SPARK polo shirt and will overtime, need to complete the following to remain SPARK Certified:

  • Lead a minimum of 3 hours of SPARK professional development per year.  Evidence of this must be provided to SPARK.
  • Each workshop led must be assessed by the attendees and the evaluations submitted to SPARK.
  • The SPARK Presentation Evaluation Form must be completed and submitted to SPARK after each workshop conducted.
  • Each year, for the first 2 years, the NT must submit a workshop videotape to SPARK for review and critique.  This tape must be at least 30 minutes in length.
  • SPARK will provide lifetime support and consultation to this person as long as she/he is employed by the contracted school district.
  • The NT may also attend any future SPARK Institutes in their area of focus and/or TT workshop for a refresher at no cost (except transportation).
  • Failure to respond in a timely manner to these requirements may result in the NT forfeiting SPARK Certification & membership.

Total per person/per SPARK program:  $6,699*

*In some cases, licensing fee(s) may apply

Contact SPARK at 800 SPARK PE or

for a Train the Trainer proposal to review.