SPARK was designed to be more inclusive, active, and enjoyable than traditional PE classes, and more than 30 years for research and dissemination support the achievements of those original goals.

SPARK digital members now get full access to the FIRST physical education curriculum & assessment app!
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SPARK is a complete program made of four key components!


High School Curriculum

"What To Teach"

Comprehensive, engaging curriculum for high school – Standards aligned and high MVPA (moderate to vigorous physical activity) lessons; easy to learn, easy to teach format!
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Professional Development

"How To Teach"

Teacher training is designed to provide a working knowledge of SPARK’s unique content and instructional strategies. Teachers leave motivated and ready to “SPARK-up” their students for a lifetime of good health!


Equipment Sets

"Tools To Teach"

Expert-selected, high-quality, content-matched Gopher equipment provides you with everything you need to execute the SPARK High School program!


Free Lifetime Support

Once a SPARKer, always a SPARKer!

For a program to work and last, ongoing consultation must be provided. SPARK is committed to extensive follow-up via their unique “SPARK Stars” institutionalization model, offering FREE lifetime support through toll-free number and e-mail consultation, a monthly webinar series, social networking opportunities and a monthly eNewsletter that includes SPARK updates and teaching tips.

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High School Curriculum Features

The world's most evidence-based physical education program designed for High School!

Heart Rate Monitor Unit

This unit provides students with an excellent foundation of introductory concepts and principles that are aligned with cardiovascular endurance. It also gives students an understanding of their current fitness levels and tools to monitor their heart health. 

16 Print + 22 Digital Units!

The instructional units are aligned with the SPARK Yearly Plan. Receive updates for free with an active subscription!

Over 600 Activities!

The High School curriculum, available in a new enhanced lesson plan format, includes more than 600 standards-aligned, high MVPA, easy to learn, and easy to teach activities that your students will love. 

An Evidence-Based Curriculum That's Proven to Work

View articles that prove the dramatic results achieved by high schools that have implemented SPARK programs.

Social and Emotional Learning

Featuring over 50 SEL skill definition and T-chart cards, as well as 10+ SEL lessons.

The SPARK High School curriculum also includes the following teacher resources:


Likert scale rubrics that are linked to National and State Physical Education Standards plus  student self-assessments and unit tests are included in every instructional unit. Now you can assess students with the SPARK App!


Contains the music you need to teach SPARK including warm-up music, interval music, and all songs to instruct SPARK dances.

Skill, Task, and Station Cards

Skill cards may be used as teaching aids, for stations in a circuit, or in combination to create movement routines. English/Spanish

SPARK digital members now get full access to the FIRST physical education curriculum & assessment app!

High School Curriculum Units (300+ Lesson Plans)

Instructional Units:

Digital Only Units

All SPARK High School Lessons Include:

Learning Objectives and Targets

Statements that describe what students are expected to learn and learning targets written in student friendly “I can” statements.

Teaching Cues and Suggestions

Short phrases identify key concepts students should know as they engage in the activity and instructional hints from SPARK PE specialists who have instructed the activity before.


A progression of extensions that add more activities and provide different challenges.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Competencies

Shows lesson’s alignment with CASEL’s SEL competencies and related social skills.

Reflection Questions

Different levels of questioning allow teachers to assess knowledge and understanding, address social emotional learning concepts, and provide opportunities for self assessment.

Standards and Outcomes Alignment

Indicates SHAPE America National Physical Education Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes.


Lists equipment/materials needed, describes set-up prior to instruction, and includes ready-to-read activity description that states objectives, instructions, and directions.

SPARK is trusted by schools around the world!
What are some saying?

"This high school program completely turned
my teaching strategies around."
“I enjoyed one of the most rewarding workshops ever! This high school program completely turned my teaching strategies around. Since school began in September, I have used teaching strategies from the SPARK program. What a difference in the students! The ASAP warm ups are fantastic, and MVPA has increased! Kudos to the SPARK instructors, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic."

- Mary Russell, Physical Education Teacher
El Capitan High School, Lakeside, CA
"A stellar program that is not only research-based, but also has a great reputation for curriculum design, teacher training and follow-up support.”
“SPARK is well known throughout the state of California and across the country as a stellar program that is not only research-based, but also has a great reputation for curriculum design, teacher training and follow-up support. SPARK stands out as a cost effective, easy-to-use program for PreK-12th grade that is presented in scope and sequence and aligned to the standards. We felt that it was important to have Spanish language content for teachers, parents, and students and appreciate that SPARK is a physical education curriculum with bilingual content. Because of the great relationship that SPARK has built with our district and their continued support for our program, we cannot speak highly enough of them.”

- Chad Fenwick, K-12 Physical Education Advisor
Los Angeles Unified School District – Los Angeles, CA
"It is a go-to resource when revising K-12 curriculum."
“I’ve been using SPARK PE with my teachers for more than a decade. The lessons help get teachers on the same page within a district so that students are receiving the same competencies across schools. It offers common academic language and sound lesson structure and assessments aligned to national and state standards. It is a go-to resource when revising K-12 curriculum.”

– Judy LoBianco, Consultant
HPE SOLUTIONS LLC, President/CEODesigner
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