Professional Development

SPARK Professional Development

SPARK representative smiles with a football in hand, ready to lead an on-site training program. 

The second component of the SPARK programs is professional development. While the curriculum is most certainly at the core of the SPARK programs, it’s not the only focus. SPARK is not a “you buy the curriculum and you’re set” program. It’s not just a book or a binder, it’s a program. And SPARK believes that proper training is key to ensuring instructors are equipped with the tools and information needed to get the most from the curriculum and their time with students. This is accomplished through workshops, on-site trainings, online resources, and more.

Over the years, SPARK has tested numerous instructional strategies that are best conveyed during face-to-face training opportunities. The “what to do” (the lesson plans) come alive when the “how to do it” is provided via SPARK training. On-site teacher trainings are the “how to teach it” part of the program. SPARK workshops are FUN, “hands-on,” and designed to meet the needs of the host school, district, or agency. Participants learn by doing and become motivated by SPARK’s dynamic staff of professional presenters.

Currently, professional development and SPARK trainings are scheduled through one of our knowledgeable SPARK representatives. We want to ensure we understand your needs and get all the details right. Please contact us directly with all of your professional development requirements, and we’ll be happy to coordinate a training that engages teachers and helps create a more active and healthy environment!

To learn more or schedule your training, contact us at 833-73-SPARK or!