Assessment Tools

SPARK Standard and Premium programs include the following four evaluation tools and FREE consultation on their use:

1. Formative/Needs Assessment: SPARK workshops are modified and targeted to meet the needs of each school or agency. To accomplish this goal, SPARK staff and/or trainers conduct a phone interview to understand the vision and direction of the participating school, district, or agency. During the interview, important questions on activity quantity and quality are posed. Additionally, SPARK disseminates a survey to each workshop attendee to analyze current offerings, ascertain program strengths/successes, and what they would like to focus on during staff development. Needs Assessment tools are compiled and presented to the SPARK trainer to aide in her/his presentation preparation.

2. Workshop Evaluation SPARK Trainers have each attendee complete this assessment tool immediately following a workshop. These measure the effectiveness of the training session and its presenter. Copies of the evaluations are presented to the host. For Premium Programs, SPARK will summarize the data upon request

3. Program Evaluation: SPARK provides a Final Debriefing/Program Evaluation Form for the district to administer near the end of the school year to all SPARK workshop attendees. This survey poses questions regarding teacher/youth leader utilization of the program (quantity and quality) and their impressions of SPARK effects on student learning and development. For Premium Programs, SPARK includes this form in the Day 2 workshop box and will summarize the data upon request. For Standard Programs, this form is provided upon request

4. Lesson Quality Assessments (LQA): SPARK provides and instructs participating teachers/youth leaders in the use of their LQA, which is an evaluative tool that measures SPARK fidelity and instructional effectiveness. There is a different LQA for each SPARK program. LQA’s may be used as a self-assessment for the teacher/youth leader, or as a peer or administrator assessment. LQA’s may also be used as data collection tools as part of a research project and/or as a more in-depth effort to collect data to show changes in teachers’ effectiveness. LQA’s are provided on