For University Educators

Why consider using SPARK as a required or recommended text?

  1. Time in methods courses is typically insufficient for beginning teachers to be effective at the outset. SPARK provides pre-service teachers with what they need to get started right away.

  2. Inexperienced teachers are not good at designing curricula. SPARK provides well-written, easy-to-use content that beginning teachers need.
  3. SPARK has been proven to be effective with both PE majors and generalists.
  4. SPARK is research-based, proven to work and last.
  5. SPARK is widely disseminated and provides an extensive follow up support system for teachers and their students.

University methods instructors love the SPARK instructional materials. It provides pre-service teachers with a solid foundation of developmentally appropriate content that is well-sequenced and aligned to National Physical Education Standards. Click Here to see the state standards alignment.

SPARK Physical Education (PE) has been used in this capacity since 1994, and over the years, course materials have been developed and field-tested with thousands of students.

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